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Pregnant cat being sick

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Is it normal for a pregnant cat to be sick during pregnancy? (she was sick only once in her last pregnancy...nothing like this). Tinkerbelle has just been sick 3 times in the last 5 minutes...she's about 3-5 weeks pregnant I estimate.

She has gulped down so much food today...I'm just wondering if that is the cause?

Her poop is solid. Do you think I need to take her to the vet? He saw her 3 days ago!

Do I re-feed her now or later?

Youer advice is so appreciated!
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My girl Lexus will also have a little morning sickness about 3 to 4 weeks into a pregnancy - unless she is not keeping any food down at all, this is probably pretty normal. Just keep an eye on her and make certain that she does eat and keeps it down.
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Sometimes cats throw up but don't get it all out. Clover throws up 4 at a time. It could be she just couldn't get it all up in one go.
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Thanks gayef & Solarity for your prompt replies I'll keep an eye on her.

I've just never seen her throw up so much in such a short space of time! I am free feeding her and she is polishing up all the 4 kittens' left overs too...wonder if its too much?
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Phew....eventful afternoon...

After Tinkerbelle being sick, about 15 minutes later, she started howling like crazy....when I went to see her she was breathing so fast and urinating herself.

Rushed her to the vet...he said it seemed to be an epilepsy fit. No other adverse symptoms...she has had valium and a pain killer and is out of it at the moment.

The vet thinks that it is likely she will be ok after she has woken up in 3-4 hours time.

I'll post in the health thread as I don't know much about cat epilepsy.

In a bit of shock here. I thought she was having a miscarriage.
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Oh good grief! I just bet you were totally beside yourself with worry! What did the vet say about her being pregnant with this newest development??? Is it safe for her to let the pregnancy progress?? Will it be passed to the kittens?
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Not being rude...but I get the feeling that the vet wanted us in and out quick (or in fairness to him, it was a fit and he could diagnose it quickly). Its was 'yep..thats a fit, valium, she should be ok or we can keep her in for an extra cost'.

I'm kicking myself as I was in shock myself and didnt ask all the questions I wanted (e.g. how this affects the pregnancy/babies)

Now Im wondering if it is even epilepsy as Gizmo, my oldest, has just been sick too (no other symptoms). It could be that he's over eaten? If he starts the howling/urinating too...I know its something else and not epilepsy.

Can you believe these cats got the all clear from the vet 3 days ago on an annual check up?

Thank god the other 4 kittens are fine (touch wood)

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You can probably call the vet and say you were just in and wanted to ask a question you forgot to ask. Mention your other cat who has started geting sick too.
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could they have gotten into something? sounds almost like poisioning.....
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Giz and Tink are not the exploring types and I've checked everywhere..no sign of anything hazardous that they could have ingested.

I don't know if the 2 cats problems are related. All seems calm and quiet at the moment.

I'll post in the health thread as things progress.
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