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Tragic day...

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I wanted to post to ask for prayers for the 30 cats, rabbits and other animals that were killed during a fire at an SPCA shelter near me. Many more animals were saved by daring volunteers and rescuers. These 30 animals were awaiting their chance to start a new life at a forever home. Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge!!
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Play happily in peace, freedom and health at the bridge.
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How awful. Rest in peace little ones.
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I heard about that on the radio the other day... RIP little ones
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How terrible my heart goes to them and all the SPCA workers
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How sad!!!! R.I.P. little ones!
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Poor dears. Play happily and safe over the bridge, and know there are those of us here who have you in our thoughts.
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poor babys Play happy at the bridge
you wont have to deal with fire anymore.
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That is so sad! I cannot imagine the horror. For the poor wee beasties who lost their lives in such a painful, scary way, and for the caregivers. To be the one who collected those animals, trying to do your best for them...then care for them day in and out, only to have such a bad ending. I pray that they find the grace and strength needed to go on. (And the money, too, as I'm sure rebuilding will be expensive!)

Rest in peace, little animals, now you have a perfect forever home! Hopefully the animal friends you left behind find peaceful homes soon, so they can heal from that frightening day!
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Poor poor babies

I really feel for the ones who survived as well! Imagine how much extra stress they're going through now I hope they all find wonderful forever homes soon.
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Those poor babies

Run fast over the bridge to your new home where all your new friends are waiting for you
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How tragic! So sad to hear things like this.
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That is just too sad. RIP little ones and play happily over the bridge.
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How sad that lightning cause this - such a bitter tragedy May there be a special reward for each and every one of them over RB. And sending prayers for the staff and community who had such a horrible fire at their shelter; sending prayers and vibes for healing for the animal survivors and for those who saved them.
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