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Cat fight....What do you think of this?????

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Hi Everyone,

I have had several posts on my cat fight problem.
For those who don't know...I just adopted a 3year old extra friendly
in-your-face kinda cat who loves everyone. He was a show cat so he walks right up to cats. He is fearless..
My other 2 cats 5 & 6 years old (bigger then the newbie)
do not like his in your face approach and they started fighting.
I have seen some really nasty fights so I still keep them seperated. They scare me to death when they fight like that.
I have had many excellant suggestion to which I have tried most..
Feliway, vanilla, eating together, seperation.. Every time they are on the floor one will stalk the other and thats it.
My hubby says unless we put them face to face & let them work it out, it will never change.. I disagree. He really thinks they need to get past this.
I agree but I don't know if thats the way...
He did not see 2 of the fights I saw. He still thinks keeping them seperated is not the way to go..
I would like to know if anyone else feels I should put them together??????
My one cat hides under the bed after the fight he is clearly scared..
I can't bare the thought of that..
Opinions & suggestion are greatly appreciated...
All 3 have claws.
I just don't know what to do.

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If they are fighting, seperate them. That's really all you can do.

Once they've been seperated for a while (probably in terms of weeks, but search the old threads for more concrete advice) - you can try a slow reintroduction - as if you've brought the new kitty home for the first time.

If that fails, I believe that you will have to keep them seperated.

Having said that, the odd bop on the head and some hissing, growling and postering will happen in any household. I don't think that's what you are talking about however.
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Well it started at first with the bop,hiss and growl but the problem is once one cat tries to run the newbie can't belp but chase and it escalates from that point... I did not think it was a good idea to let them just go at it.. I really think they will get hurt..

So frustriating!
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Have you checked with your vet?
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Originally Posted by Satai
Have you checked with your vet?

No, not yet. I need to take Moses (The newbie) for a check up anyway..
He is the sweetest cat and previous owner told me he never ever hissed or scratched another human.. I feel like he's more dog than cat! We all love him so much. I can't bare the thought of giving him away.. But it bothers me to have him seperated. I hear him meow and it's just like hearing your kids cry.
Now he meows all the time anyway but when he is behind a door doing it, I feel so guilty! Not to mention I feel bad for my regular cats because I lock them up when I let Moses out.
The Vet will be next week.. Maybe he will have some ideas..
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Oh Judith, you and I are in the same crummy boat.

I had a healthy, happy herd of five. Everyone pretty much knew their place in the pecking order, and while the young upstarts occasionally try to usurp the Old Timers' authority, the most dramatic encounter that ever resulted from those confrontations was some growling, a few swats, and turning away from each other.

Enter Sam, a gorgeous, matted, worm-infested, Maine Coon who found his way to my back porch in late January. I fed him outside. I put up an internet advertisement saying I had found this beautiful cat - owner please call. Well, someone did, and I brought the cat in so the woman could determine if it was her cat. It wasn't. I didn't have the heart to put him back outside in the icy, snowy darkness.

Long story short, after a $500 vet bill, Sam moved in about six months ago. What you described is exactly what is going on here. Hubby says, "let them work it out", but these fights are truly awful. They draw blood and the fur that flies is considerable. In fear, the older cats empty their bladders during these fights. It's really awful, and these fights terrify me. Right now, Sam stays harnessed and leashed in the family room. The other five have the run of the house. They will not come in the family room, which is sad, because that is where we are most of the time.

Chloe, our 3 year-old female, has been the bravest of the lot. She has begun coming into the room. They do alright together. It's more of a tolerance situation though. If Sam gets too close, Chloe hisses, and her ears go back. But, I think it's workable.

Last week, while Sam was enjoying a little unleashed time in the backyard, one of our other cats, Max came around the corner. Max saw him, and the chase was on. Max was gone for 5 days. I thought he was gone for good - he just came home last night.

I don't have an answer, but if anyone does, I'm listening and taking notes....
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