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Sucking on Tail

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My orange tabby loves to suck on the end of his tail. He starts to drool and sucks it, making all these slurping noises. I was wondering if this is a normal behavior? Is it a comforting behavior like a baby sucking their thumb? I was just curious if anyone knew anything about it. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
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well my pepper sucks on me and blankets...but I have never seen a cat suck on there tail. I'm sure its nothing to worry about...I have only had 3 cats in my life so I wouldn't get worried by me saying that I have never seen that.
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Well, it's quirky, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. Cats do strange things sometimes! One of mine is 11 and still hunts her tail like a kitten (she doesn't bite it though - when she 'catches' it, she just licks the tip). As long as it doesn't cause any problems for your cat, it's probably fine.

Keep an eye on it as over grooming (even for comfort reasons!) can cause bare patches and what not. Talk to your vet the next time you are in, or if you see any bare patches starting to appear.
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