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Zoe's First Bday.

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Not sure where to put this, if an admin wants to move it, please do.

So I"m trying to figure out when to celebrate my cats first birthdate. We got him at the local SPCA on october 29, 2005. And we where told that he was two months old. So that means that sometime this month, i figure in the begging of this month, is his actual birthday. So i was woundering if ya'll think i sould pick a day in august and celebrate it then, or if i should just celebrate his birthday as the day we actully got him. What do you guys think about this.
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I would celebrate it as the day you got him He doesnt know any better and it would be a more meaningful date for you!

Tipper and Professorn's mum, Anjya
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If he was approx 2 months old when you got him I'd go with the 29th of the month, 2 months earlier - making his birthday 29th August. That's what I did with Jaffa - adopted him on 6th August and was told he was about 8 weeks so I made his birthday 6th June. We celebrate adoption day too
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A lot of pet people celebrate their pets' "Gotcha Day" instead of the birthday. I know that's what I'm going to do with Odo. I don't remember Willow's "Gotcha Day" so I just celebrate hers on the first of the year, since she was about 9 months to a year when I adopted her in September of 1999. My boyfriend's mom and I just assigned birthdays to a couple of the cats that my boyfriend brought home while in college. Since we didn't know their Gotcha days, we picked birthdays that seemed close to their ages. It's mostly a matter of personal preferance.
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