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More Lily photos!

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Going photo crazy with Lily, especially as she's getting more comfortable and less shy of the camera

Having belly rubs with Dad. She was lying on his lap for a good 20 minutes

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Adorable! She looks like she is loving the camera.
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She's gorgeous! What a laid back girl.
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I am in love with your kitty!!! Look at those eyes... she is BEAUTIFUL
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L O V E L Y!! She has the most amazing eyes
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she's beautiful I just love the way she looks so content and is like this is the life
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What a pretty young lady she is! She looks like she loves to receive attention!
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She is gorgeous!! And seem seems so comfy and happy!!
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She says to say thanks! She's settling in so well and loves her big sister. Last night Lily even chased Stumpy through the lounge room! She sleeps on our bed and if I wake up in the middle of the night, I pick her up and put her on my chest and she snuggles in to me purring like mad and mewing softly at me She's so gorgeous, and a perfect addition to the family
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What a ball of putty!
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cute cute cute!!!
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what a doll!
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I agree with the members above who said she has gorgeous eyes. They look DARK green. Very pretty. It looks like she has settled in really well.

How is Genevieve doing? Is she jealous at all or accepting?
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Genevieve is loving having a little sister She follows Lily everywhere (whenever Lily is awake anyway, she sleeps a lot ), and Genevieve often goes searching for Lily, and when she does, she does a loud "mrr!! mrr!" sound while running around until either Lily responds, or she finds her. It's very cute

Genevieve has started grooming Lily as well which is lovely to see. The 2 of them seem really comfortable already after less than a week. Lily now wrestles back, and bats at Stumpy to cause trouble But then Lily also runs up to Genevieve and rubs up against her while purring which is cute.

Lily had a litter tray upstairs with the Jonny Cat litter that she had at the shelter, but within 48 hours, she preferred using the "big girl" litter tray downstairs which is covered and has the clumping litter She hasn't had any accidents anywhere, and is eating well, and loves cuddles - especially at night time.

My husband was home sick the last 2 days, and he said Genevieve slept downstairs all day near him, and Lily slept upstairs most of the day, but she'd occasionally come down, or Genevieve would go upstairs, and they'd play for a bit, then they'd separate again and go back to sleep

Genevieve hasn't woken me in the middle of the night to attack me since we got Lily, and while I'm still waking up in the middle of the night to check up on them, or because I hear them playing, my quality of sleep is so much better and I'm not waking up annoyed from being clawed!
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THAT IS SO ADOREABLE!!!!!! She seems like a little ham.
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She is absolutely precious.
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Beautiful! I also LOVE her eyes, STUNNING!!
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Just to check.... how many more threads am I allowed of the kitties before I'm considered a thread hog????
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She is one of the cutest kittens I have seen. Simply adorable!
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Just to check.... how many more threads am I allowed of the kitties before I'm considered a thread hog????
I think after you get a new cat you're giving a little leeway. Not to mention if everyone enjoys pics of Genevieve and Lily as much as I do they don't mind if you overtake the whole board!

PS I would like to note that I am so addicted to TCS that I am on vacation in Georgia at my mom's using DIAL UP to view the site. Yes....I have a problem.
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Awwwww thanks

I'm just so in love with my kitties, I just can't help taking photos of every cute thing they do, and wanting to share it. Lily has a little cat bed which she's started using, and Stumpy has decided she likes it as well now, so she tried to squeeze into it with Lily before... Of course I got a photo....
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