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How could she?

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So my cat (or shall I say my mom's cat) got pregnant again. We were planning on getting her fixed at the last litter, but since we still have kittens that like to nurse on her I was a little scared to do it. When I first had the suspision that she was pregnant again, we decided that she has to be fixed. Unfortunatly the poor kitty is sick, she has diahrrea EXTREMELY bad. She's had it for about a week if not longer now, and I told my Mom today that with the cat sick they will not fix her, and I think she's to far a long to have an abortion also. She said that she doesn't have enough money to take the cat to the vet and she can not go through another litter of kittens. I'm a little confused on that one since they stayed in my room, I weened them onto the food, I litter box trained them, I'm the one that had to move them out of the closet so they could learn how to walk since Momma kitty was never going to do it. I'm the one that put notices on Craig's List and walked around putting signs up around my neighborhood to find them new homes, and she was there for 2/5 of the kittens births and since I was at school when everybody called she met with the people that wanted them. So now she wants to send Momma Kitty to the pound OR MAYBE the SPCA. If she goes to the pound I'm scared she's going to be put to sleep, because she's sick and the fact that everybody wants little kittens. I hope my Mom will shell out the $15 to give her to the SPCA. Quite honestly I think she might be better off in a new home. I don't think I should have to tell her owner when she is sick and needs to be seen by a vet, I'm the one that has to figure out everything so that she can get fixed, I have 3 cats of my own right now that I need to take care of. And I don't plan on living here forever. Any ideas that I can use to help persuade my Mom into at least giving her to the SPCA??
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My advice: If the issue is the $15, just give it to her. Borrow, if you have to, and take the cat yourself to make sure it gets done.

No, you shouldn't have to do it, but you're the only one there who will.

Can you arrange a payment plan and take her to the vet yourself?
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Oh my. Please try to get them all spayed/neutered before adopting them out. Many vets WILL perform the sugery on kittens who are very small, even.

Then have people pay for the kittens' surgery when they are adopted. If you can, or you can:

Have people select the kitten they will adopt and pay the spay/neuter fee to you. Then YOU bring the kitten in for spay/neuter

and then have the people who paid the fee for adoption pick them up and bring them home from the animal hospital.

Lots of organizations work this way. It's how I got Pixel and you wouldn't believe how many people will promise to have it done but then never bother to bring their darlings in for the surgery.

By doing this you are performing a vital service to the community!!!
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I agree with the others. Offer to pay the $15 and take her to the SPCA yourself. You could also call local rescue groups, and see if they will take her. You MUST tell whoever takes her that she has had diarrhea for a week...it could be contagious. If she never had vaccinations she could have distemper, and if an entire shelter is exposed to distemper they will have many many kitten deaths.

Are your 3 cats spayed or neutered?
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There's no way I can afford it. I've already had to ask my fiance to take my two kittens to the vet, and I've borrowed $40 from my Dad to get my kittens fixed. I think she just has worms, which I also think my kitten has worms so when she goes in, I'm hoping I can get some medacine for the kitty that my Mom wants to get rid of. I've also talked to her about what will happen if she goes to the pound, and I told her I don't think there's a good chance of her getting addopted out not only because she's sick and the pound will most likely just put her to sleep instead of wanting to deal with it, and the fact that everybody wants kittens. If worse comes to worse I'll find some way to get the $15. But I know that if she has to she can afford it, so I'm letting her know, she does have a soft place for cats and I figure I can "guilt" her into it. Maybe I can talk to the vets office and since I have three cats that need to come in, I can have some type of discount instead of paying $35 a piece. Or figure something out, the poor girls needs to get to the vet. I'm not to worried about the pound since my Mom is such a procrastinater, she was actually supposed to take her this weekend, and it didn't happen. So hopfully I can figure something out with the vet will I call tomorrow.
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