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Im new

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Hello everyone.I'm very happy to join the forum and wanted to say I love cats.I have two named Teddie and Moxie.Teddie is a 19 year old male and is my buddy and Moxie is a 10 year old female that is loved by both of us.I just wanted to add my website link for you guys to check out and enjoy.I started a Yahoo club of my own on one of the links.I'm all about Herbs for animals and not the man made stuff.I hope some of you will join.


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Welcome aboard! I'm pretty new to the site and have enjoyed it immensely. Sounds like you might want to take a look at the health & nutrition forum, and that you might be able to help out or have suggestions for some of the problems people and their cats encounter.
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Ooops! Forgot to mention - love the name Moxie!
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I'm looking forward to helping out in the health and nutrition forum.So,You like the name Moxie..lol.She is a very pretty cat and did I mention a stinky girl..lol.
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Aw stinkeh Bet you love her to bits though

Welcome aboard Chris. I must start a Geocities site my cat, Suki. But a digital camera would be helpful.
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Welcome to the site, Chris! We always appreciate people giving input. The more heads trying to help someone, the better.

I hope to see you posting often!
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I'm trying so hard here...lol
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The little picture is an Avatar. Go into your User CP (the buttons at the top), and into Edit Options. The Avatar selection thing is at the very bottom of the Options page. You have to have a certain number of posts before you can import your own picture, but there are a lot of "open to the public" avatars to choose from.
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