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Marlee and Milo!!

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First here is a few of Marlee's latest nap spot...

Milo while he was still really drugged from his neutering (when we first got home yesterday)

Sleeping on daddy, waiting for his meds to wear off

This morning, Marlee keeping a watchful eye on this new critter

Milo on the bed today

Just about a half hour ago....I'm so glad its going well!
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Originally Posted by AshleyNicole

Ashley, this is such a cute picture!

How old is he? He sure looks fluffy!

I LOVE those pink little paws, Davidson has them too and I just love 'em!
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I bethe is going to turn into a big handsome boy!!
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Thank you! I love that picture too Mackenzie! He had been sitting there cleaning himself, and its like he saw me coming with the camera and wanted to be...umm...a little more modest! I believe he is 14 weeks, that what the shelter card thats what I'll go with! And thank you Tracey, I think he really will be handsome!
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Marlee, what a funny place to sleep!

Milos is such a sweetie - so fluffy! I'm so pleased that everything is going so well!
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He is a beautiful boy but I must have been mia because I thought you was getting a dilute tortie sometime back or did that not work out.
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I love his fluffy tail!! I think you kitters have a toy my girls love! The ball with the feathers attatched, big hit at my house!!
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He is absolutely a little slice of orange fluffy heaven!!!!
What a sweetheart. Give him a chin rub for me.
They are so much fun at this age...he looks roughly the same age as Captain Steuben, my kitten.

And your Marlee looks quite a bit like my 3 year-old female, Ripley. The resemblance is quite striking. Someday, when I get the means to do so, I'll send you a picture, and we'll compare torti's!
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Tavia'smom - At one point I though I was going to get a dilute calico from a girl who had found the kitten, but she decided to keep him. And don't worry, I never mentioned this little boy til I had him paid for, I was afraid I'd jinx myself!

Phenomsmom - Yup, the feathers are a HUGE hit! They love them!

wookie130 - I would love to see your kitties, can't wait for pictures!
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Milo is gorgeous (as is Marlee)...glad he recovered so well and quick from his neuter
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funny and cute!
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Well glad you got this little boy, he is so handsome. And he looks like he is going to have a medium long coat. I know he sure looks soft.
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Originally Posted by AshleyNicole

What a sweet heart, he is so beautiful!
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He's just the most precious baby! I'm so glad they seem to be getting along so well! That picture of Marlee peeking up over the stairs is hysterical!
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