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Attention all bakers!

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I was a little down today.. so I decided to make a Tomato Soup Cake! I'm so excited I can't wait to take it to work to share tomorrow. There's a guy there that doesn't believe that you can make tomato soup into a workable cake.

Anyone else bake? I'd love to share ideas.
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i cant imagine tamato soup cake...yet i cant imagine many things.

I bake every now and them...mostly around christmas when I try keep up with the girls at work.

I love making pumpkin bread! or making valentines day sugar cookies!! the simple things in like make me happy!
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Would it go well with the meat cake?
Sorry, I had to

I bake, but my big thing is pies, and the only pie (of mine) that I truly like is a no bake custard.
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By the way I stole the idea for the tomato soup cake from the soap opera Passions. A character named Grace used to make them all the time on the show, so I googled it one day and made it. To get a feel for it, it tastes like a spice cake, but looks a lot like red velvet.
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Well, now I'll have to go check it out.
I hate tomatoes and most things tomato, but I like tomato soup.
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If you really like the recipe, you should add it to the Fundraising forum
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
If you really like the recipe, you should add it to the Fundraising forum
It's really good, but it's not my own. Does that matter?
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tomato soup cake sounds interesting.

My mom used to make green tomato cake, which was good.

I love to bake but these days, with the heat, I really don't want to use my oven!!
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That sounds interesting...

I love to bake, I don't do too much in the summer - but in the fall/winter, I'm always baking up a storm! I love making homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies They are mine & John's favorite!
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Gosh, you brought back some memories. My mom used to make Tomato Soup Cake when we were kids.
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By the way, for anyone who likes to bake muffins, here's my favorite recipe:
(I think I may have posted it before...)

It's just a basic, unflavored muffin and you add whatever you want. I've made: Pineapple and coconut, chocolate and peanut butter, cherry and almonds, apple and cinnamon, raspberry and white chocolate...
It's really fun to think of new flavors all the time.
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I made banana bread for the first time the other week - that was soooooo good! My bananas are constantly going brown before we get to eat them in this weather, so it turned out well
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I Love to cook and bake, during the holidays alot, I like to make soup, bread, cookies, cake, pretty much anything. Its been to darn hot to do anything untill the last few days, I for one am beginning to like winter and I know I don't I hate the rain. But its just been to hot to handel
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I don't make many desserts or baked goods but I subscribe to the kraft foods website and they had a no bake rasp dessert that I made last week and it was pretty good. The only item I consistently bake is croutons!
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I love to bake, but don't do it that much in the summer. In the winter though, watch out!
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I *LOVE* baking. especially bread. and anything chocolate. I hate that it's too hot to bake right now.
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I love to cook and bake. I just made my first thing of sauted onions a few night's ago. I can't just wham bam cook though. I love following recipes, and going out and getting all the stuff to make that one dish. It's not the most particular way of cooking, but I just really like following recipes.
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