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what he eats ; lol

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meow to all -- nice to be part of the purrfect gang; lol
just had to add my two bits about my kitten;
he loves and I mean loves " angel food cake "
he goes wild; his eyes go big and he turns into a kitten
jumping and pawing -- goes just wild even for the smallest
little piece of that food; too odd; not too many other
people foods make him sit up and take notice; but this
angel food cake is his idea of a good time;
my girl cat could care less about this excitement;
she would rather have her apple fritter ;
cats are the best; what friends they are ;
so giving and understanding; never judging; never asking;
to all that love; there is a greatness to you
to all that hurt our friends; we will find you all someday
oh that is as I am sure yours; biggest anger in life;
those that hurt the helpless; whether it be animal or child;
they say; look at the way one treats an animal and you can
then tell so much about that person; their soul their heart
it all shows right there ; right now;
peace to all; kellykatrat -
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Welcome kellykatrat!

Glad to have you here with us and I hope you'll post often.

I'm moving this thread to the lounge so it can be made into your welcome thread
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Dear Kelly,
Sweet for the sweets! It's great to see you here and I loved what you wrote about our babes!
God Bless You & Yours
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What you wrote was beautiful!
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