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Pet Parade tv adoption drive

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Oh my!!!! Watching Fox 8 in Cleveland, their little adoption drive on tv is so sad.

There was a bansenji/border collie mix and a poor collie girl who was rescued after spending her first couple years giving birth in a puppy mill. Dick Goddard (for those of you who know who that is, probably a small number!) said "she was rescued from a puppy mill, poor girl. Shame on you!!!"(to the puppy mill). I was so excited that he said that! And then a pretty little pudgy grey tabby girl.

I've never seen this on the local news before. Do they do it in your city?

Then they did a little story about pet obesity and controlling it with a vet's help.

I've never been so impressed by a news show!

I want another cat now. It's getting worse and worse how bad I want another cat, but I know I can't. It would be hard in such a small apartment. As soon as I'm settled into grad school in a while... but not until.

Watch, you guys, in like a month and a half I'll be posting about my new cat.
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There's a small segment each week on a couple of local news shows here. It always makes me sad too.
It's tough that you want another cat right now, but you're right to hold off until your circumstances are more appropriate.
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Zissou'sMom - what do you think of writing a email to the station's producers saying 'good job' - positive reinforcement and all that.
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Pushylady, ya, I know. It's actually why I'm gonna start volunteering at a cats-only no-kill once I move, so I can have cats that aren't actually mine. Selfish reasons, I suppose . I can afford one easily, and she's healthy, plus I have pet health insurance.

Satai, that's a great idea. I think I'll do that now!
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