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Some Awesome Cat Toys I Picked Up!!

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Just wanted to show you some really great cat toys that I got. The first one is called The Cat Swizzle Bird Teaser. My cats go absolutely NUTS over this one. The teaser tail is 38" long and wand is about 17" long. It is really cheap at PetsMart. It costs $5.99 and it is well worth it! I also got 3 balls that have little bells in them, and 6 colorful mice. Some of the toys in the picture Me and my sis made. Here they are!

The Swizzle Bird Teaser is the wand toy with the long leopard print tail.

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That's a cute picture of the cat with the toys! I'm sure those toys will get lots of use!
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LOL Snowball is already completely spoiled! Now I may spoil him even more by getting him a Swizzle Bird Teaser. He loves wand toys and I'm sure he'd really enjoy playing with that one!

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You spoil your cats - in a nice way.

I've spent loads of money on posh cat toys - and they all get ignored after about 10 minutes.

Today Ronnie found a magpie feather in the garden, brought it inside and has been playing with it for 6 hours, with a few breaks for sleeping, cleaning and eating. She is absolutely fascinated by the magpies that are nesting nearby and chatters at them when she spots them. Do all cats make this strange noise when they see "prey"?
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There was a thread recently in the Behavior forum about chattering, and it seems a lot of cats do it Ivo chatters at the pigeons, crows and our local squirrel, but doesn't to smaller birds like the sparrows.
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Suki chatters at other cats, birds and flies outside, it's a really cute noise.

We used to buy her loads of toys but now she just ignores them and plays with some string we bought (45p). Cats are easily entertained, but keeping them entertained is another matter. We bought her a fishing rod with a mouse on the end, but the nylon string got round her back legs and she rushed off taking the rod with her. We haven't bothered with that stuff since
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My cats get spoiled because I love them so much. They are like kids,when they want something you usually can't say no to that innocent face. I think cats are like kids but more mature! My cats love all their toys. Twinkles only plays with string and sometimes a feather. Tigger doesn't play at all.I'm not sure why Tigger doesn't play,when he was a kitten he was so hyper and playful. It's weird how cats can change like that. Tigger does go outdoors so maybe he finds stuff to play with out there.Anyway,thanks for all the comments!
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