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I am looking for ID tags for my kitties. I want something that isn't the usual things. I want something that is attrative, cute, and kinda shows their personality. I also want something that isn't going to cause a lot. Does anyone have any sites for what I might be looking for? Thanks for the help any of you that post links.
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I don't know if its what you had in mind, but this site makes very good quality tags at a very reasonable price.
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Originally Posted by emily_325
I don't know if its what you had in mind, but this site makes very good quality tags at a very reasonable price.
that's where all of mine came from. i got the larger heart shape, & have the cat's name, my home & cell numbers, & (over) on the front. on the back it says "If you see me outside I am lost. Reward (over)". i got silvertone metal, but he has several options, both shape & material-wise. & there's a volume discount, too.
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i got one from boomerang tags too. i looked and looked for 'cute' ones and these are what i went with. i thought 'cute' was important and then i realized it's the info - i want stoli back.
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I just found this site today, and LOVE THEM!! I already have printed designs on their collars though, so I am going to wait until they need new collars in a few months/a year and order them solid color collars and these tags. But anyways, though I'd share!

And if you go back to the first tag page, there are many more to choose from too (cartoons, tye dye, etc)
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Not exactly out of the ordinary, but kinda cute and different... I got my dog's tag from (click on the pets link) and they're GREAT quality, decent price, and fast shipping... they dont charge shipping on pet tags and you have the option to pick cute engraved pictures for one side, or you can have info on both sides... they make the font as big as possible while still fitting all the info you want on the tag... you can read my dog's from a considerable distance away
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I get all of mine off ebay, you can find some fun and original designs, get custom engraving on both sides etc. I've only paid 2 dollars a piece for all of mine including shipping!
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Thanks guys checking each and everyone one of the sites are you giving.
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I don't have a link, but I know there is a place somewhere where you can get the info embroidered on a collar, if that interests you. I know I saw it a long time ago somewhere.
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I second laser dog tags. I got my cat's tags from there. Prego's is in the shape of a mouse and says "I love mousies" and has his info on the back.
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These are the sites where I got my cats' ID tags from...reliable and fast worldwide service and quite unique and trendy, quality tags..lots of designs, colours and pics to choose from.

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Yeah I want something cute, but I also want something that will allow me to put all the information I need on it. I guess I want something that will grab someones attention if my babies ever get out, which I pray will NEVER happen. (knock on wood.)
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