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New kittens, new cat owner

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My name is Lauren and I just got two new kittens last night. They're both girls... at least I think they are, and their names are Id and Macavity. They're not from the same litter, but they're very close in age. (about 6 weeks) Macavity's a calico, and Id is... well mostly black with spots of white for paws and a nose. They're absolute dolls! I do have a few questions about them, however, so I would appreciate any pointers you wisened cat owners can offer.

First of all, I'm allergic to cats. I know it's not terribly bright to get two kittens when you're allergic, but my allergies really aren't terrible and I do get lonely sometimes living out here in the middle of nowhere by myself. The main problems I get are the sniffles and a rash that breaks out after a while. Do any of you know of a good allergy solution?

Second of all, both of them dive head first into the food whenever I set it down in front of them. They get the food all over thier faces and paws. Should I wash them off from time to time?

Third, Id seems to have mastered the concept of the litter box, but Macavity I'm not too sure about. Not only has she not used the litter box, but she doesn't seem to have gone to the bathroom at all since I broght them home a while ago. Is there something wrong with her? Should I take her to the vet?

Right now I have set up a kitten habitat in a spare bathtub, complete with box, towel, newspaper, food and water, and a litterbox. I take them out to play and put them in to eat and sleep. Is that okay, and if so, when should I move them to a larger area?

I may sound paranoid and naieve but I really don't have much of a clue, here. I would appreciate some advice.


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Hi Lauren,

How long have you had these kittens that one hasn't used the litter box at all? If it is more than a day (and you are sure she isn't going), she does need to see the vet in a hurry. Actually, they should both see the vet within a week to 10 days of your adoption.

Secondly, if all the stuff is in one tiny bathtub, it may cause problems. Many cats do not like having the litterbox that close to where they eat.

Personally, I would let them roam freely. They will know where their food and litterbox are.

As to allergies, Benedryl is good for the symptoms. Many allergic cat owners say that over time they become immune to their own cats.
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Thanks for the advice! I really do appreciate it. I'll keep an eye on Mickey, and schedule an appointment with the vet. Right now, I'm going to need all the help I can get with these little furballs.

Thanks again,

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Hi, Lauren! Here's a site for new cat owners that might be helpful:


As for the kittens diving in and getting their little faces messy, that's just hunger and a lack of experience. Deb is right about seeing the vet. If there's more to the eating problem, the vet will advise you. Take a stool sample when you visit. He'll check for worms. I would also move the litter box away from their food and bed, as Deb advised.
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Welcome to the Cat Site! I'm new, too, and it's great. Everyone is so helpful. You should let them roam - the cats definitely do not like to eat near where they go to the bathroom. I also understand they should each have their own litter box, which should be in a private (or at least quiet) but easily accesible place. But please, take the advice of the more experienced, and check out the Behaviour Forum.

I can help with the allergy suggestions. I'm allergic to cats - they make my eyes red, itchy and runny. I get the sniffles, and I get a rash on my arms. I've been using (prescription)Zyrtec. Just like the ads on TV, it really does work for both my indoor and my outdoor allergies. I also use a (prescription) cortisone cream for the rash/hives I get on my arms. The Zyrtec has really cut down on the hives, and I don't have to use the cortisone cream much.

Just good sense advice: I do seem to be becoming less allergic to the cats, (it's been about nine months since I've had daily contact with a cat) and recently I've been getting along comfortably by just being very religious about washing my hands and arms (if I hold the cat - otherwise just my hands) with soap and water EACH time I touch one, even if just a quick pet.

Good Luck, have LOTS of fun - and in my opinion, enjoying the kitties far outweighs the problems of the allergies!
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Welcome to the site and welcome to the wonderful world of being a kitty mommy! We are always more than happy to help with any questions you may have, even if you think you are just being paranoid. :paranoid3 I agree with the others that a vet checkup is a good idea, especially if one isn't "going" like she should.

In addition to what the others have said, it is possible that she never learned to use a litterbox. Where did you get them? If momma cat was feral, she may not have taught her kittens what the litterbox is used for. You can help by guiding her paw to dig in the litter, and if she was from a wild family, you can put some soil (from a bag, not outside so you don't get bugs) in with the litter so it is more familiar to her. Of course, she may just be very sneaky about using the litterbox, too! You would be surprised how private some kitties are about that.

I'm another one who suffers from allergies. Most people, especially if their allergies aren't that bad, will acquire an immunity to the cats they are always around. I don't even get sniffles around my own cats, just ones I am not used to. Kittens get more and more dander as they grow up, so since you are starting with little ones your body *should* work up the immunity as they are growing. You can also start a bath regiment with the babies. The younger you start them, the less adverse they will be later. I would just start by putting them in the bathtub with an inch or so of water and play with them in there, so they don't see water as a bad thing. I think I read that for severe allergies, you can bathe them up to once a month (when they are older). Just be careful to use cat shampoo, don't get it in their eyes and ears, and watch for dry skin to develop. There are some other products on the market that supposedly reduce dander, like cloths you wipe them with. And if you need more relief, Zyrtec is the best medicine I have ever tried for allergies.

Whew! I'm really long winded today - sorry.
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Hello, I found this stuff at pet smart called Allergy Relief from Cats. It is a loation that you rub on you kitty, you don't have to soak them in it either. My mom and sister are sneezing when the walk into the door. I have used the loation and they don't seem to sneeze as much. There is a money back guarantee and they have a web site: www.bramton.com, but it did cost about 20.00 but it has seemed worth it so far.
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