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peeing in waterbowl

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Our little guy Izzy (who has had a lot of problems) has recently started peeing in his waterbowl. He is peeing blood too which was checked by the vet & they could not find anything wrong.

Does anyone have any ideas to get him peeing in his litterbox again? He does poop in there...

It's more of a an annoyance than anything else - I'm always cleaning up water; he has played with his water since we brought him home - now he has added peeing to it.

BTW - he is a Maine Coon
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Did the vet give antibiotics? I have never heard of a vet saying there is nothing wrong when there is blood in the urine! That makes no sense!

I have also never heard of a cat urinating in his water, though it is quite common for cats with urinary tract infections or blockages to urinate on cool surfaces. I really think that you need to go to a different vet so you can get a second opinion. Blood in the urine is definitely a sign that there is something medically wrong with the cat!
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Take your cat for a second opinion. There is something wrong - cyrstals or an infection, maybe something else - but something is definately wrong.
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They checked for infection, crystals - all came back clean. They think he might have a small clot working its way through (the result of a fall). They said to just watch him.

We can't afford more expensive tests - the kitten cost $700 from a breeder & we've already spent $1200 in vet bills - we've hit our limit.
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How old is your boy now? This may be the beginnings of marking behavior.

My boy Tonka (intact male breeding cat) pees in his water all the time. He has no infection, no crystals, no blockages, no health-related issues whatsoever - he is as healthy as a horse. But, he pees in his water whenever he wants to. There is, as far as I have been able to come up with, nothing you can really do about it but to clean it up, offer fresh water and hope for the best.
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Just be thankful that where he's peeing is easy to clean up

Cricket peed on my bed for months and months every day before he became 'accustomed' to household rules
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thanks - i got a good chuckle out of the last 2 posts
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He's still peeing blood, but he has now chosen the bathtub to pee. A lot easier to clean anyway
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I suppose you could put a litterbox with water in it next to his real litterbox. That might get him used to going in the right place (and in a litterbox), and eventually he could be switched over.
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I agree that you should get a 2nd opinion. Blood in the urine is definitely a sign that something is wrong.
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they looked for everything - even did an xray & found nothing. He's been to 4 different vets already. We are not spending any more money
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Poor little Izzy. He just breaks my heart with everything this poor lil dude has gone through already, and you having a new kitten and barely having time to enjoy him

I don't have any advice except to try adding another litterbox. Some don't like to pee and poo in the same one. Some also don't like their water near their food...

Bless Izzy.
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the amount of blood he is peeing is going down - so thats a good sign. The vet also left us a message today about "Liver Shunt" she's been researching all week to try & find out what is wrong with Izzy - not sure what a liver shunt is about.
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Here some info you may find of use regarding shunts.
Portosystemic Shunts

The second is a Birman owner who has dealt with this issue and is willing to share info if emailed.
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