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Advice on Kittens

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Hi, I work at a school. Behind the school there is a great number of cats. I do not know if they belong to anyone. This morning I came into work and I spotted a litter of siamese kittens. I breed and show siamese so I can tell these are full blooded traditional kittens. I have seen the mother for quite some time but I did not know she was pregnant because everyone at the school was on summer vacation. The kittens appear to be between 3 or 4 weeks old. I tried to catch them but I didnt have any food so I was unsucceful. I want to bring them home and give them proper care until they are older, I would of course get the mother too because they appeared to still be nursing.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I could catch them tomorrow.
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I wonder if you could borrow a humane trap from the spca? Mom might really not be trusting if she doesn't know you so I'd be careful. The kittens at that age should still be pretty easy to catch, unless they are under something?

If you trap mom make sure you are around so kittens won't be seperated for long...
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