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Orphan kitten update!

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The five babies are doing great! The vet said he thought they were close to 4 weeks due to how active they are. He liked the kitten glop recipe. Everyone got a dose of worm medicine. Been almost 2 days an no worms yet...how long does it take for the worms to show up if they are present?

I gave them canned cat food for the first time last night (thinned with a little Cat Sip becuase it is pretty thick food) and they LOVED it. I could stand a few feet away and hear them purr! I've also finally convinced them that they should sleep on a towel instead of in the litter box. They were using the litter box for a bed and pooping on the floor of their cage. Yuck! So I moved the litter box and put the towel where it had been. They were sleeping at the time so I picked them up and moved them to the towel and the ones that were awake went over and joined them.

They had a couple fleas that I managed to remove and so far no more sign of fleas. All theo ther animals are on flea prevention so I'm not too worried about it spreading, but definitely don't want fleas on baby kitties! And they aren't old enough for Frontline or anything yet.

One girl kitty has a home waiting when she's old enough to leave! I'm so happy about that! Her new family is VERY excited! I have a flyer up at the vet office to try to find homes for the rest of them. I'd love to keep them, but 8 cats would just be a bit too much for me. The little boy with the silver tiger markings on his face may stay here if I can talk HUbby into it, though! I'm in love with that little guy!
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My babies pooped out round worms the same day I gave them Strongid.
If they had fleas.did you see any TINY rice looking things in their poo?Mine had them the day after they were wormed.
Congrats on finding one of your babies a home!!!In a few weeks, one MAYBE 2 of mine will be going to the same home.We just have to see what one/s she wants.I'm hoping she'll fall in love with both of them.That will leave just my 2 boys to find homes for.Since,I told hubby after all this work,I AM keeping one of my babies.I will be up to 4 then and that will be IT!!! No more for us to keep.Maybe foster.
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Originally Posted by crittermom
.Maybe foster.
Fostering is great....I highly recommend it.

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I just looked at some poop (grr on the floor of the cage and not in the darn litter box!) and didn't see anything. I think he gave them Strongid. It was yellow. Should I worm them again in a couple weeks?

How on earth do you convince them to potty in the box? Right now 4 are sleeping on the towel, one is sleeping in the litter box, and there's a pile of poo and some pee on the newspaper! This morning there was one little bitty poop in the litter box, and bunches of little piles of poop all over the floor of the cage.
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Here's the "mug shots" I took of them for the flyer I wanted to make, but was out of color ink and couldn't! The two torties are girls, and the oragne one. The black and the silver tiger face one are boys. I am so in love with the silver tiger. Hubby made a comment that he'd be darn surprised if I adopted any of them out. Now I have NO intentions of keeping all of them, but just MAYBE he'll let me keep the silver tiger boy!
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My Vet recommends worming the kits every 2 weeks until they are 8 weeks old.Then,I think it is monthly....I'll have to ask that when I see him Monday for wormed.
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