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Cleaning Pee On Couch

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Is there a way to get urine out of a couch? My cat peed on the couch, in between the coushins, so the pee went down INTO the couch. Is there a way to get it out, or should we throw the couch out? (this is the 3rd couch he's peed on and we have no more furniture!!)

Oh, and I'm taking him to the vet today to check for a UTI after reading your site - thank you!! Wish I found it sooner before we lost all of our furniture!

Anna Mae
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Welcome to TCS!

You'll need to buy an enzymatic cleaner - such as Simple Solution - to soak the area. You have to make sure that it gets to every level of the padding etc. After leaving it for an hour or so, dab the remnants and leave to dry naturally (usually between 24-48hours)

This should help!

EDIT: Just read your other thread! Did you drench the area where the pee was, to make sure that it was through the whole sofa?
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You can try really soaking the area with an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle. If you use enough it might seep down into the couch and get into the same places the pee got into. Cleaners like that break down the urine molecules, so even if you can't get to the area to scrub it, it does the job. But there is really no guarantee this method is going to work, it depends on the cleaner ending up in the exact same place as the pee.

Just as an aside, if you are not already doing so, you should always clean up cat urine with an enzyme cleaner. It's the only way to completely eliminate the smell--even if you can't smell it, if you haven't used an enzyme cleaner, your cat will still be able to smell it, and he will continue to pee there because of it.

ETA: Oops, sorry, didn't mean to repeat what Sar said, we must have been posting at the same time...
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Thank you for the replies. Sorry, I guess I didn't fully explain myself with the posts. The 2 different posts were about 2 different spots that had pee. Regarding my other post, I had soaked the spot on the carpet with an enzyme cleaner and it still shows up under the blacklight.

Regarding this post, I just found it on the couch. So I will try an enzyme cleaner, but didn't know if I would even be able to get it out if it went down into the couch. We tried cleaning a couch with the enzyme cleaner in the past with no avail. The second time we found pee on yet another couch (last week) we just threw it out. Now we found it on the love-seat. I didn't know if we should even try cleaning it or just throw that one out too. *sigh* 3 couches gone. All we have left is a chair!

Anna Mae
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