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Eat it. Yep.
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The only food Lukas tries to eat are muffins & donuts-I usually give him a small bit of his own to leave me alone-I let him drink out of my water glass I keep by the computer & on th bedstand-
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Eat it. A little cat spit won't kill me. Although I do draw the line at cat sneezes. One of my kitties loves to sneeze right in my coffee if I'm not careful about keeping her away from it. Have to dump the cup everytime.
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i'd eat it...but Wonton rarely licks my food. he's really finicky, and the only human food he likes is beef jerky. if he licked a piece of jerky and then didn't want it, i'd eat it
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oh dear im eating pizza while reading this and it has put me off my food.I wouldnt eat my food if i saw him lick it first or i might remove the part he has licked....i definately wouldnt eat it though as seeing him lick his bum isnt a nice reminder of what goes on his tongue!
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Oh Gosh Eat it...especially anything Bella licked maybe not Joey no telling where his mouth has been!!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
I'd eat it. (Those frozen tater tots would be pretty much germ-free after cooking anyway - no big deal.)
Yeah, that's what I told my BIL, but he said, nope, he still wouldn't eat them. Anyway, it's not just the tater tots that I've eaten after they've licked it...I'm partially blind in my right eye and so Nathan sneaks up on me a lot and licks whatever I'm eating before I notice he's there (he loves oil and vinegar dressing on sandwiches ). Like some other people have said, if I threw out everything he licked, I'd starve.
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Originally Posted by Hell603
Go Boots Go Boots
You should see him run off with a chicken finger.
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Originally Posted by Tari
I'd eat it. As sneaky as Tailer and Harvey are, if I refused to eat anything they'd licked I'd probably starve to death.

That is hysterical
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I'd chow down. Tiger and I share cheetos and doritos all the time. Reilly and I have shared cereal... I might as well share it with them because if I turn my head they'll sneek it anyways
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Originally Posted by Silverpawz
Although I do draw the line at cat sneezes. One of my kitties loves to sneeze right in my coffee if I'm not careful about keeping her away from it. Have to dump the cup everytime.
How nice of her to share!

I routinely share my cereal with my boys. I drink lactose free milk, so letting them have a few licks won't hurt.
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Eat it! My kitties are pretty clean, lol.
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It depends really... if Katie licked the whole thing or was chewing on it, then I would throw it out.
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I'll eat it.. it doesn't bother me when the kitties lick part of my food, but the dogs are a different story..
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I eat it, most the time. Now for some reason if the dogs lick something, I just let them have it or throw it away. But it is so different with my cats.
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Scratch has no interest in what I eat. She won't even lick a popsicle or an ice cube if I'm eating one.
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I'd eat it, I have no shame
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The only time I wouldn't eat it is when Bit deliberately shed into my yogurt. Other than that I'd eat it.
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eat it! lol my lil ocicat has to try everything in my hand these days. i figure hey if she likes it and it's not unhealthy for her go ahead but she only likes to lick my mango. so i end up eating it.

i used to have a tabby that would steal my sandwiches if i wasn't paying attention. not just off the plate but right out of my hand!!! now he lives with my aunt and the first week she had him (i move to the UK and he lives with her in the US) she had a glass of chocolate milk. whilst she was on the phone and had finished her milk, Olly proceeded to finish the chocolate goo at the bottom of the glass like winnie the poo and a honey jar!!! bless him, his brother was very ocicat like as well. he would steal candy and hide it and lick lolly pops. he would also fetch his little platapus beanie baby for hours. poor thing RIP mum let him out accidently one night and he never came in, the next morning i just saw the ground had been turned up and there was grey and white fur everywhere. i just assumed a coyote or racoon got him.
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I would just eat it...I'm not really all that weird about stuff like that. Cats don't really "slobber" when they lick something anyway, so it dosen't gross me out!!
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I would most likely eat it, I might break off the part where it had been licked, but my kitties don't usually get a chance anymore, I never leave my food unattended, cause with 7 kitties its hard to keep an eye on all of them
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I am going to be in the minority here - but I would not eat it. I am allergic to cats, and would not want to take a chance I would have a reaction to her saliva. This isn't an issue in our house. Abby does not get close to our food.
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I have always had inside cats. So, when it come to sharing my food I use to be against it. But, then I got wore down. Shenadoah espeacially is relentless when it comes to drinking MY ice water. He has ice water too, but, mine taste better to him I guess. My only thing is keeping them off the dinner table.
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I dunno I tend not to want to eat it because I see Zoe cleaning Cosmo's butt all the time and of course he cleans his own but Arthur tells me all the time how clean cat's tongues are..not sure if this is true but still I can't get that butt cleaning out of my head. But if it's something I really want then I would probably still eat it
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My cats and I share food all the time. Meats all the time...and Trixie looooves vanilla ice cream and it's one scoop for her, one scoop for
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Well, I don't let my kitty up on the table, or on the counters, so I don't have too much to worry about her getting into our food. I don't really like let her eat off of our plates or dishes... I don't want her to get in that habit. But if she shows interest in the way dinner smells, she'll sit by daddy's feet and give him the adorable giant cat eyes, and we'll just make her her own plate to eat on the floor. If she did get into something that I left at her reach, I wouldn't be so freaked out by it though, I'd probably eat it anyway.

Last night hubby was eating Chex Mix in bed, and we usually give her treats in bed, and were giving her treats, but she was sniffing like crazy at the Chex Mix bag.... so hubby would give her a piece here & there, and she was very pleased!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5
Yep... I'd eat it too. Having 9 of them it's pretty hard to keep them out of at least trying. Mia's new favorite thing is the ice cubes in my drink.

I'm lucky if I get to eat any of it with 8 kittys, they like sit in the empty chairs at dinner time and Zazzy lays her chin on the table, How on earth can you eat in front of that beautiful baby face what cant get in the chairs are either trying to get in your lap, on the table or right at your feet
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Yuck...I would throw it away..their tongues lick their privates!! :yuck:
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I vote on eat it...even with their tuna breath slobber.
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