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Worms - Go ahead and treat both?

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Milo of course has worms, since he had been at the shelter for a little while. He got his first dose of Strongid at the shelter, and I am going back to the vet today to get a bottle to keep treating him at home (I forgot to talk to them about it when I picked him up yesterday). Should I go ahead and treat Marlee too, to be on the safe side?

- By the way, the vet told me to treat Milo every two weeks until 5 months. Is that long necessary? And if I do treat Marlee, do I need to do her that often?

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I use something totally different so I cant tell you about the length but YES treat both unless you know that Marlee doesnt have them... I have read conflicting reports of how worms are transmitted...
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IMO if a cat doesn't have worms, then you should not "automatically" medicate them if another in the house has worms.

If you clean out the litter box once or twice a day, the worms will not transfer from one cat to the other.

Now if you are dealing with any kind of flea problem the chances are good that both cats will have tapeworms from the fleas.
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Thanks to you both for the replies. I treat Marlee monthly with Advantage, and have had no flea problems with her that I've noticed. Milo does have fleas since he came from the shelter, and I treated him with his first Advantage last night. I guess I will just ask the vet whether or not to treat Marlee as well, when I go pick up the Strongid. Thanks again!
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When I first got Polly, one of her littermates turned up with round worms. My vet gave me medicine for Prego and Polly.
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