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Mmmm... Meat cake?

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I don't know how this tastes but it looks cool!!
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LOL that's actually pretty cool, totally something I'd do.
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Oh my Meatloaf cake. What a concept.
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ohmigod genius.
that is fantastic! and funny, too, which is always a plus.
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I love the running commentary! The meat cake looks great too!
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Its weird but I actually might eat it! That is a LOT of beef!
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I love meatloaf. I would so eat this.
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You could have a "desserts only" night with your kids and serve this as the main course. Maybe some kind of spinach tart as a side, and then real dessert as dessert! It would be awesome!
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How fun is this??? A wedding cake any carnivorous hubby would appreciate. I would eat it too!
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can someone make it for me and send it over? My mom wont let me cook yet.
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My meathloaf used other meat than hamburger, but I could see bring this for a pot luck meal!!! The expressions on peoples faces would be priceless!!
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That would be a good idea to do for my next potluck. I don't know whne that would be but it would be funny!!
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What a great concept. I love a good meatloaf myself and do agree it would make a great potluck entry.
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Hubby would love this!! I admit, I was totally and completely grossed out until I read that it was mashed potatoe frosting!! I might make him one next week!!

ETA: Looking at it again, I'll probably at least half the recipie, it is only the two of us after all...
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wait,wait!! can you makr me a piece?
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Originally Posted by Cat_eyes
can someone make it for me and send it over? My mom wont let me cook yet.

That stinks! I say if you're old enough to read and figure out how to use a computer, you're old enough to work an oven. Maybe she could make it with you? Show her the recipe and see if she'll make it.
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By the way, I have to say when I read the title of the thread, I thought of a different kind of meat. Meat. Cake. Meatcake.

It does sound good, but I'm not a big meatloaf fan. One of my sinful pleasures is potato flakes...I love them all mashed up. Must of been all those public school lunches!
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To be honest, I don't think I could eat that.. I'm not a fan of mashed potatoes or meatloaf at all.. but it does look cool.
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O.k, I've read all the responses to this....and I'm going to have to go against the grain here,...tho this is very creative, I would'nt touch it with a ten foot pole. And I mean no offense to anyone when I say that's the grossest looking thing I've ever seen!! LOL, and to think I ended up on this thread directly on the heels of the " what do you like to eat cold" thread. LOL....I'm glad I haven't had my breakfast yet.
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I think it'd be delicious. I like my meatloaf dipped in mashed potatoes anyway.... That is alot of meat though.... you'd have to cut it thin.... and would definatley be a great idea for some type of a gathering where there were alot of people.
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