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New Kitten

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I have a 13 week old male domestic shorthair and an 8 week old 1/2 Bengal female kitten. The two of them "play" all the time, but I think only the 13 week old thinks its playing. The Bengal allways starts/continues the same roudy behavior, but she GROWLS A LOT and hisses constantly, where my male just makes playful little chirping noises. Now the little girl is starting to hiss and growl when I try to pick her up, etc... WHAT'S GOING ON?
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Also, I wanted to add, my male kitten ALLWAYS smacks the little female in the head, or in the butt, but he never seems like hes doing it in a mean way, he never hisses or puffs up. How can I get him to stop doing this, and leave her alone? He REFUSES to leave her alone for one second. Any suggestions?
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How long have they been together? It sounds like they are trying to play but maybe the male is getting to rough. 8 weeks is still pretty young and she might not understand yet that it is just play.

You might try separating them in separate rooms for awhile so they can get a break. It sounds like the male is more than thrilled to have a playmate but the female is not sure of herself or her surroundings so she is fighting back the only way she knows how.
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