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I believe that Tammy is pregnant, her little belly is hard and her nipples are piink and standing up a bit.

One of you wonderful people mentioned that she should be around 21-23 days.

What do I need to look for as we progress? It has been 20 years or better since I have had a pregnant cat and I am at a loss.

I plan, two weeks or so before she is due (September 10 or so) to confine her in my bedroom. I am going to clean out the botton shelf of a very strong bookcase, nail up a board so that the bottom half is covered so the babies can't fall out, and line it with soft terry cloth or flannel sheets.

I will also have food, water and littler box for mom. Oh yes, and an extra box in case she doesn't like the bookcase.

Aside from the vodka to celebrate, and the Excedrin for the hangover, what else do I need?
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Make sure she is on kitten food. Have a pair of scissors ready for delivery (boil and seal in plastic bag), and floss for tying the cord. Most likely you won't need to do this. In the delivery Meeka just had, the placenta and second kitten got tangled up and delivery wouldn't have progressed well if I hadn't cut the cord of the first so things can happen. Keep lots of clean towels and washclothes ready for use. Have some kind of heating pad on hand (even a sock filled with rice that can go in the microwave). Have some KMR formula and baby bottle on hand in case the kittens decide they won't nurse right off or mom dosen't let them for some reason. If you don't use it you can always give the KMR to mom for an extra boost.

Also did the nipples just now pink up or have they been pink for a few days? They pink up at 20-21 days so if they have been this way for a little while then she might be further along.
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OK, I picked up the KMR, bottles, extra nipples. I am getting soft towels and flannel sheets ready. I tried to use wood to close up the bottom of the bookcase, but I shattered the piece, so I used heavy cardboard. I guess it is all up to Tammy now. I can see her little sides starting to bulge out a little as she walks down the hall.
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