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Whatever my cat does I think it's cute! Here's a few things I think are cute:

1: She goes on the litter and scatters it EVERYWHERE, but it's so cute the way she does it. She opens her back legs and kicks the litter through them!

2: You say hello to her and she goes 'Brrr' and wiggles on the floor.

3: Even watching her poop is cute :o

4: At feeding time she sings, no quietly but LOUD! She rubs everything from the desk to the fridge. As I walk past her she bats my leg, and it's so DARN cute!

I'm cat mad, I must be to think that when she sits on the litter it's cute :/
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I agree with 1, 2 and 4 but not with 3 being cute, LOL! :tounge2:
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You are definitely a true cat lover. I talk to my cat Snowball a lot, and I think it's cute when he makes these little noises in response.
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OK, I have to admit I think Ivo is cute when she poops, too. She gets this look of utter concentration, like she's solving some complex math problem. A few muscular contractions later, and she's back to the same pea-brain kitty I love so much!
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I am so glad I read this because I always thought I was a weirdo freak(Ok maybe I still am) for thinking it was cute when my cat uses the litter box. Often after I've changed the litter, before I can put the cover back on and slide the box back in place Xavier will hop into it and take the first pee in the new litter. It's so cute watching him because he squats real low and his back end looks so wide. :LOL:

Sampson(So you don't think I sit there and watch the litter box waiting for them to use it) I often catch him in there while I'm in the kitchen because he will scratch around for five minutes before he does anything, making sure to kick the litter around the sides(Good thing we have a covered litter box). Then he'll do his buisness and then run out real quick without covering it and he has this animated look on his face that says "WHOA!"
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Rowdy has gone from using the box, as soon as its clean, to using WHILE I'm cleaning. It is difficult to scoop around her.

As for pooping - you DO NOT want to be anywhere near her. How such noxious odors can come from such a cute kitty, is beyond me.
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Merlin will open and close his eyes when he is doing his business, and then look at me like, Stop watching me! :LOL:
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