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***Happy Birthday Nicky (maverick_kitten)***

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Happy Birthday, Nicky!

Hope you have a fantastic day, girly!
I'm sure it'll be filled with lots of love, laughter, drinks and Z-list celebs!!!

Have a great day!
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Z-list?! oh come on! Bradley is ATLEAST a D list!!

Mav and Ju-Ju woke me up for a cuddle this morning, the first time they have ever woken me up together! lol! It's like they knew!

I am going to go poke my brothers with a stick to wake them up in a bit to get my presents!
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D-List?!! Who are you trying to kid?!!

Bless them!! It was their little birthday gift to you!

Yes, you get them to get a move on with pressies - we (well, I!!) want to know what you get!!
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I got a fantastic leopard print cardigan from DP's from my mum! I love it though it does make me look a bit like Bett Lynch!

I can only hope that Mav doesnt take the occassion as yet another chance to present me with a dead mouse as she has done every other day this week (apart from the time the mouse was live, or the time that Snoop got to it first and it was half a dead mouse )

Might go shopping in a bit, I am off to Dublin tomorrow morning and have NOTHING to wear!
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Classic!! I've got to see picture of you in it!! Have you got your brothers up yet?!!!!!

I hope Mav does bring you a mouse again, you could keep it as a little pet for her! Ewww, Snoop!!!!

Oh yes definitely need some good things to wear for the weekend!! Hope you get everything you want!! (sorry, need! )
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I am going to Pets At Home first to take back a goldfish tank i bought ( a present to myself) as it has a leak in it then maybe onto the new Asda as thier clothing range has come highly reccomended by someone..
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Oh no! It wasn't the one I had before was it?

Oh yes, do go to Asda!! They have some great clothes at even greater prices!!
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Ari is a tad offended you don't like Mav's gift of mice! What better show of love and affection is there?

BTW - Happy Birthday!
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Get those brothers of yours up already and get your pressies!
Have fun in Dublin! What a fantastic city to celebrate a birthday in!
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Happy Birthday Nicky!
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Happy Birthday Nicky!
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Happy Birthday Nicky!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Happy birthday Tampon girl!

I thought your birthday was in september!
You Lion!!

I hope some men are spoiling you out to dinner tonight
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday
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Hope you got lots of nice things from 'George' Enjoy the rest of your special day.
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I've got to post this fast - I've replied to your post in the Premier Lounge twice, and both times my connection got cut off before I could hit "submit"!
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happy birthday be-lated !
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Happy belated birthday Nicky!! I was thinking of you while I was sunning myself in Portugal
I hope you had an ace time in Dublin, it's such a great place.
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