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Ah, I'm glad you called! That's what I thought at first, just call him and be very short with him and he'll be done...but what others were saying scared me.

I had an issue with a past boyfriend...he wasn't harassing or stalking, just wanted to get in touch with me and say some things...so I'm familiar with that type of situation.

I doubt he'll bother you now from what you said...I hope you read his behavior right. I agree with you and others to still file a report just in case...but maybe he was just really desperate to get ahold of the girl he once knew...who obviously still isn't around.
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Has she thought about calling her phone company? She can have that # blocked from calling her phone. Not that he can't just call from a work # or a cell, but then she can call & have those #'s blocked as well.

I agree with having a lawyer send him a letter stating that he represents you & your sister, and wish to sever all contact with him, or you will be forced to file for a protection from harassment order against him. Do you know anyone who is a lawyer? They would probably just have their seceratary type a letter up for you for free... it only takes a few minutes to type a letter & put it in the mail.

I hope this gets better for you...
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