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Texas floods

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Everyone ok?

I saw on the news last night footage of the terrible floods near San Antonio.......

9 people have been reported to have died and 4000 have had to leave their houses.
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I saw this on the news, and it is so sad!!! They showed some of the people just helplessly watching their homes floating off, and some of the people wanted so badly to go in and get pictures off the walls, etc, before they were flooded, but they couldn't. It really is devestating.
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I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio for those of you not in the US), which I think gives the best news reports. What is really sad is that some of these people only just rebuilt their homes and businesses, because the same river flooded in 1998.

I also saw, on TV yesterday, a young couple whose restaurant is totally ruined. Their business is gone, and so are many others. THe houses floating away is really scary. I hope the waters recede soon, so everyone can start rebuilding their lives, if not their property.
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Cooie, a member of this forum lives in Texas...where exactly these floods are? I haven't heard from her for ages and I just wish she's on holiday....
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The flooding has taken place in San Antonio (and surrounding areas) and Austin. Austin hasn't been that bad but San Antonio and the surrounding area have been hit really hard.
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It's unreal the amount of rain we've had this year. I'm very thankful that I live up here in DFW and not down further south. My parents live in the hill country near Lake Travis (outside of Austin) and they've had an unbelievable amount of rain this year. Thankfully, their house hasn't had any flooding, but they've had water damage from a roof problem.

Watching the news is just amazing. Those poor people who have to watch as their homes literally float away in front of them. Amazing...
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Dawnt91, I'm glad you wrote that, my friend lives at the same area as you do, I guess I can presume she's fine then....would be nice to hear from her though. Cooie, WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!???????
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