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Are cats sold for research?

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Sadly, we have to part with our 3 (count them!) 3 wonderful cats - thanks to new found allergies in our baby son. We posted a notice with pictures and got back a really fast reponse from someone who wants all three of them for $150. While we would be greatful to have them all go to one good home - I find it hard to believe someone would take all three so easily.

More importantly - need we worry that someone would really sell these cats to a university or something? I figure $150 would have to be more that they could get if they were evil enough to do such a thing. We are not interested in one red cent if they can stay together in a good home, but know we should charge something to feel they would end up in some research lab.

Anyone know if I could feel safe in talking to these folks if they are willing to pay as much?
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Honestly, I would be very skeptical of the offer...it seems much too easy, and that's a lot of money for what I assume are non-purebred cats? Something seems fishy here...
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something is not right here too.
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why dont you put them in a no kill shelter.
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you could ask for references, from the vet, etc. and they should be understanding about it. also, you could insist on doing a well-visit or two, and see if they agree on that.
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Let me just say that if they do not live near you, they offer their own transportation for the pet (shipping), if they mention checking account/personal check/cashiers check or they mention any sort of hardship their family came to, or a loss of a pet BE VERY CAUTIOUS. There are scammers who are trying to, well I am not sure exactly what they are trying to do, get your money? If they ask for any personal information from you, then do not reply.
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If your cats aren't purebred, I would be very suspicious.
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