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Look at how far they have come!!!

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When we first found our orphan babies, I never thought that they would survive the night......let alone 2 weeks today .We only lost the one little girl,and for that I am thankful.I have cried so many tears over these kits and praying that I could keep them healthy.I NEVER thought they would touch my heart as much as they have. It has been an emotional rollercoaster,but one I'm glad I was able to take.
Here is what our babies looked like the first day we found them in the dog house.

to this after LOTS of love,food and a safe place to play.

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Awww they are so lucky to have found you. They look great!
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They have grown a lot already! What a bunch of cuties!! I don't know if I would be able to part with them!!
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You did a fabulous job! Congrats to you and the kittens, they're gorgeous
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you did an awesome job! I can totally understand you. I'm foster two kitts for almost two weeks now and were 4 day old when I found them. I was a nervous wreck when they still had URI and my biggest fear was that I would come in the room where I had them and found them dead

congrats to you for putting so much energy into these lovely kittens and saving their little lives!
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You are truly an angel for what you have done for these little ones, they are lucky to have you in their lives
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I'm so happy for you and your miracle babies!

Look how big, shiny, fluffy, and playful they've become!

They look like sad, sickly little urchins in the first they are growing to be healthy and happy kits!

Good for you. Your experience with the kittens has touched all of us!
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Tammy, you've done a wonderful job! Can we see pics of thier little faces?
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Can we see pics of thier little faces?
Here are some pics from a few days ago.It's hard to keep the little buggers still long enough to get good pics.

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Oh you've made my day with those pics! HOW CUTE ARE THEY!!!
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Originally Posted by crittermom
Didnt anyone want to say "OH MY GOSH! I've never seen the entire world before!!
Oh..It's too darn dunny.
Love this pic..It should be a "caption this" pic.
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They are fat, sassy and oooooo so incredibly adorable!!!!! Congratulations - you've done an outstanding job with them!!

Keep those pics coming - I LOVE itty bitty baby pictures!!
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