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Shedding question

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How much is normal for shedding and why is there a sudden white patch of hair on a normaly black cat.
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Shedding can often be either seasonal or related to bad diet... if you're noticing excessive shedding all year round, I would check the kitty's diet for quality and/or have the vet check him out... if you only notice an increase in warmer weather, it's probably just seasonal - it gets hotter and animals will naturally shed off thick coats... ie: my dog is on one of the best foods available (innova) yet she's a shedding machine in the summer.... brushing your kitty often will help with this (everyone suggests a brush called the zoom groom)... as far as the color change - I don't know for sure, but I have noticed as my dog got older (Oliver's only 4 and the dog's 12) she got white around the face, belly and chest and little white hairs have popped up randomly on the rest of her (she's a black lab).... so it may be an age thing... hopefully someone else can give you a better answer there
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I can't speak about the color, but I do know that if you add 1 teaspoon of olive oil into the cats food it will help their fur a lot!
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