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Cat dragging left side

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Hello, I am new here. I took my cat to the vet on Monday. They took xrays and didn't find anything wrong. But she can hardly walk. It;s like she doesn't have any control with her left hind leg. She gets around but is very sway backed and I feel helpless. I take her back to the vet on Friday. He gave her an antibiotic shot and one for pain. He said he wishes she could talk because she was alright on Saturday. Any ideas or advice? oneteapot
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How old is she? Does she have a heart murmur? Have they mentioned the possibility of a blood clot?
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So when did it start happening? Did anything at all happen that possibly could have caused it? Any other strange behaviour?

I'd see another vet. A vet should be doing lots of tests to find out what's wrong - that's not normal. He/she should not be saying "I wish she could tell me what's wrong". their job is to find out what's wrong!!!! That's why they get paid the big bucks...
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yeah. see another vet. that vet should be fired!!!
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She may have had a stroke. See a specialist. Your current vet should be able to recommend one.
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Thanks for the suggestions. Any others? I am taking her back tomorrow. We think she may have just hurt herself somehow. She is eating and using the litter box. She isn't drinking as much as she usually does. But she is still very alert and still manages to get where she wants. Right now she is staying on our enclosed patio, her favorite place to be, to make sure the other pets don't bother her. I think she thinks it's great. oneteapot
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Is there a chance she had a stroke?

Edit: (oops didn't read through the thread completely)
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