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Both kittens have blood in stool...

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Hi I am a new parent of two 3 month old kittens (Oz and Ninja). They have been through a lot since we've had them. My husband and I have been medicating them for the Upper Respirtory Infection with eye stuff, mouth stuff and nose stuff for about three weeks (switching from one (Science Diet)to the other (Purina)). Thankfully they are now both over it now! Ninja has an ear infection now so now we are getting experience with ear drops. He's five days away from ending the medication and getting a follow up exam. When I took Ninja in 5 days ago I had began to notice diahrrea in thier litter boxes. The vet asked me what food I switched them to and I told them Purina One: Growth and Development. I thought nothing of it and the vet made note of it in their computers. This morning I found blood in a stool. Concerned I watched them go to the bathroom later today and found that after both of them went to the bathroom, they both have blood in their stools. I just want them to get better and the vet we go to is closed today. Not having any sort of comfort I come to you all. I am concerned about still letting them eat the food (Purina) if it's bothering them (I think it may be the cause). I didn't realize that I was supposed to gradually switch them. I'm such a bad mother!! Of course I want them to have food if they are hungry but I don't want to make it worse!!! They have been through so much and all I want to do is have happy and healthy cats!!!
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I forgot to mention that I'll be calling the vet tomorrow to set up an appt. ASAP! I hope they will be okay. My husband and I have fallen head over heels for these boys!
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Were they checked for worms??
I think that is a symptom of worms.
If not, try to get a stool sample, a fresh one...And either take the cats in tomorrow, or take the stool itself and have them test it
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No they weren"t checked for worms but I do not believe that's what they have unless it's not that severe yet. The only symptom that they have that comes along with worms is the diahrrea. That makes me think it could possibly be something else. I am still going to take them in ASAP to find out. I hope it isn't worms.
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Ok so this morning I wait for them to go to the bathroom so that I can take samples into the vet, I notice one cat doesn't have blood in his stool anymore and the other has less than he had yesterday. Would this possibly be a food allergy? I only think this because I have been having to take them in the car for a ride to my husbands work so that he can help me with the ear drops and I have been giving them treats to show them that not all car rides are bad. The first day I did this which was actually Tuesday all I had was a can of Science Diet wet food for a treat. The type was fish and I've read some posts here saying that cats can have allergic reactions to fish. Either way I 'm still wanting them to go to the vet to get check out. I rather bring them in and get a clean bill of health other than waiting and wondering if they are okay. What do you think?
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Bring them in and discuss your thoughts and concerns with your vet.
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I would still make sure that you take a fresh stool sample with you. There are some parasites and protazoa that can cause loose stool, with or without blood, and for some you may not notice any symptoms yet.
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Thanks everyone! Sorry it's been so long but I have been busy! I took both kittens in and now they are both on antibiotics. One had Coc-something (common in cats can be caused by stress) and the other had an unusual amount of bacteria (this one was also given a dewormer just in case). I have also switched their food again, gradually this time, to stuff that has no by products and canned food too. I am so excited they are already looking so much better. Thanks again.
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