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A Beautiful Mind (the movie)

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Just curious...am I the only person in the world who didn't like this movie?? Everyone I know said it was a great movie and they loved it...so I rented it Thursday night, and I was so bored with it, that I quit watching it about 3/4's of the way through.

Maybe it was just me. Maybe If I had watched clear to the end...I don't know...what did you all think??
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I havent seen it yet, Debby -- it looked good in the previews --Have you seen Vanilla Sky yet? Now, that is an interesting one! The Mothman Prophecies is out, too, and that looked pretty good. Damn... if only I had free satellite again
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I loved Vanilla Sky!! But the Mothman Prophecies was a little disappointing, but still worth renting once.
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Vanilla Sky was good, but strange, and a little hard to follow. I haven't seen A Beautiful Mind. Now I hesitate....
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Deb, well alot of people have really liked A Beautiful Mind, so don't go by my opinion. I just found it extremely boring...it is about a math scholar, and then he gets involved with the FBI (I believe it was) cracking codes and stuff. Just not my cup of tea, I guess.

I did also rent "I Am Sam" and I really liked this one! It has Shawn Penn in it and I can't think of the womans name...oh yes..Michelle Pieffer (sp??) It was really good...but a little sad as well, although it ended good!
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I did see "I Am Sam" in the theater. It was wonderful!
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I just about cried when she kept sneaking back over there, and he would have to take her back. It was such a touching movie.
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I really liked A Beautiful Mind. It did move slowly at times, but watching the whole thing was worth it. The fact that John Nash was able to overcome mental illness and win a Nobel prize amazed me. I thought Russell Crowe was incredible, as usual. Too bad he's a jerk in real life.

I agree about the Mothman Prophecies. I felt like the director was more concerned with making the film look cool than in telling the story.
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I saw A Beautiful Mind and I am Sam and I loved them both! I had to see A Beautiful Mind for psychology class for school to get extra credit. Hubby and I rented Momento and Vanilla Sky. We watched Momento last night, but we haven't watched Vanilla Sky yet. I heard its good...any opinions on it? (just don't tell me what happens please!)
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I really liked Vanilla Sky and I have not seen A Beautiful Mind, I heard that it was really good. I have seen the Mothman Prophecies. I had to go see it since it was about my hometown.
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Debby - Hi! My husband and I just saw A Beautiful Mind this last week. I loved it. I couldn't believe all the obstacles this man overcame simply by willpower, the love of his wife, and the strength of his mind. Absolutely amazing. And I didn't even realize that it was a true story until 3/4 of the way through.

We also saw the Mothman Prophesies recently, and it confused me and creeped me out. I haven't decided if I liked it yet. But it disturbes me that it was based on a true story. Gives me the shivers!
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Nicki - About the Mothman Prophesies - Did you live there when this all happened? Is the movie accurate?
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Don't worry Debby, I'm a huge Russell Crowe fan and I fell asleep whilst watching A Beautiful Mind too. I think it's just one of those movies you need to be in the right frame of mind for. It was screening on the plane on our way to Hawaii and I just couldn't focus - seemed to be moving a bit slow. I have vowed however to rent it out and watch it home sometime - surely all those people can't be wrong!
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I liked A Beautiful Mind, I wouldn't say I absolutely LOVED it, but I thought it was very well done (although as has already been said, a little slow at times). I liked it because it was a film that made me think, you know, something different from the usual "naked women and guys with guns" kinda thing.... no-one I went with liked it at all.
I also liked Vanilla sky, though it kinda got on my nerves a bit... weird though, worth watching
We went to see Minority Report on Saturday night, and it was yet another film that kinda left me feeling "weird", it was good, but I dunno, kinda "nothingy" (for want of a better word) - but maybe thats because we went to such a late showing I was half asleep when we watched it!! :laughing:
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I found A Beautiful Mind to be very slow. It did all come together in the end nicely. I also just rented Kate and Leopold and was suprised that I really liked it - it was kind of quirky.
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I liked Kate and Leopold, too. The end was a bit of a surprise. And watching Hugh Jackman for 2 hours is quite nice, too. Especially since his character was so perfect.
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Yes I grew up in that town. There was some things in the movie that were not accurate, for example the number of people who died in the bridge accident and the date of it. The major events and myths are accurate. I was really impressed with the movie. When I was in high school my friends and I would party in the area of the mothman sightings. I never saw a thing though. I would definately not go out there alone though.
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We watched a Beautiful Mind last night........ I thought it was a very good movie. It's amazing how he overcame his illness. Now, the Pentagon scene: was that in his mind, or was that an actual even that happened in his life?

I rented Mothman Prophecies but havent watched it yet...... I'll probably watch it tonight.

Hart's War was really good, too...... It was with Bruce Willis.

The Royal Tenembaum's was funny, too...... a bit crazy, but funny!

Shallow Hal was funny, too.......
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I was wondering the same thing about that Pentagon scene in A Beautiful Mind. From what I read, in reality, he though he was getting messages from aliens. I guess they changed parts of his story to make it more managable for the movie.

Finally saw I am Sam, and I was so impressed with Sean Penn's performance. I also learned that the film crew worked with a group of people with mental retardation in LA (LA Goal, I think). Two of the actors in the film that play Sam's friends are from that group.

I just saw Reign of Fire in the theater today. Sci-fi fans will probably enjoy it, the dragon scenes are amazing. Fans of Matthew McConneghy (sp?) will have trouble recognizing him at first. He must have worked out a lot for this role. As did Christian Bale.
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I didnt know til I researched more on John Nash, but his son was later diagnosed with schizophrenia, as well! Also, in the movie, it didn't say, but shortly after the baby was born ( I think it was when he left him in the tub), his wife divorced him...... They remarried in 2001 because "they were together all of their lives, and it seemed right"..... I found it on the internet under Alicia Nash.
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We saw Windtalkers. It was good but there was more of a hollywood slant on in than the reality of what really happened. There were some tense moments in the picture that had me on the edge of my seat.They guarded those Navaho better than Fort Knox. I wish they had gone more into detail as to how the Navaho initially became involved in being codemakers instead of just skimming through that part.
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We rented A Beatiful Mind last night. I really liked it! My husband fell a sleep but I liked it.
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I just finished watching The Mothman Prophecies....... And, of all things, it was raining & thundering out, which creeped me out even more..... And, oh yeah, I'm home alone, too
Creepy movie......
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I'm thinking maybe I should rent A Beautiful Mind again, and this time watch it clear to the end, and maybe I would like it. Everyone seems to think it was great, and maybe I just didn't give it much of a chance.
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Debby, I really think its down to what you are expecting to see.... it IS a slow movie really, as opposed to "action/thriller/horror/adventure" etc etc if you're looking to see an explosive ending, you probably still won't like it, but if you are in a "thinking" kind of mood and are looking for something a little different, try it again, you might just like it this time
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Well, the night I watched it was the night hubby was gone to his sisters 4th of July party, 70 miles away, and I stayed home because I wasn't feeling good, and I was a bit spooked, since he was spending the night there, and also I was worried about going into labor while he was gone, so I wanted to watch something that would take my mind off of things, and I think it just moved too slow for me, and my mind kept wandering. I will have to give it another shot!
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I did not like A Beautiful Mind at all! Ugh!
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I think in some parts it is slow, but for the most part it is a good movie!
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Tigger we are 30 minutes from where The Mothman Prophecies happened! That was scary for me to learn!
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Tigger we are 30 minutes from where The Mothman Prophecies happened! That was scary for me to learn!
Whooooa!! Freaky!

That was a sweet movie!
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