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could she be having them tonight?

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Hi all, How are you all doing? Well i just want to thank you all for responding so quickly for me. I have this other question? I finally made a bed and a specail room for my prego cat. She has been in there all day with lots of food and water and clean litter box, with her bed and towels. Anyway i finally went in there 20 min ago, and i noticed that her food was barley touched, which is not normal for her, any other day she is always eating.... But anyway, i went to go pet her, and her tummy felt hard, and she lyes down on her side and you can see her tummy just hard in a ball.... Anyway i also noticed that her rectumn, is pushed out a little... As if she either just went do do's (dont like saying the real word) ... But i looked in her litter box and no poop. So it couldnt of been that.. My sister thinks that the babies are ready to come out. and she may be having them tonight.. Mind you what does she know, she has never had any kittens before. So i hope i will get the answer i am looking for tonight..... Thank you

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It's really a wait and see game. If you notice panting, purring, stretching of the leg/thigh area, that she doesn't want you to leave, then I would be concerened. Right now it just kind of sounds like pre-labor, or maybe early signs. Look for her to loose her mucus plug, greenish to clear globbish, maybe a hint of blood. Contractions may look like a jerk, or if you catch them at the end may be mistaken for a hiccup.
Welcome to TCS BTW
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well she is now sleeping but everytime i go in there, she rubs up against me, she still isnt eating, that much.... she does go into her bed and claw a copule of her blankets, but then she comes out. She is cleaning her leg/thigh, but when she lyes still on her side i do see the babies moving around. they arnt hicups cuz i can see them actually moving... its cute...
She does want her belly rubbed her and there but then she bites my hand... so then i stop. I did look at her rectumn again, and it is back to normal. Her ears are really pink, and she is VERY EFFETIONATE, I dont know when she mated, but i think its almost been 9 weeks. Her nippled are very big., and around them they are puffy, hard to explain,, but all u see is the skin and her nipple. little white at the tips, but nothing wet when i feel it. So???
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would i also know if she did loose her plug? she is always cleaning herself EVERYWHERE. what she is doing is it nesting? when she claws her bedding?
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So of them you will and some of them you wont. It just depends. You may be around for it, and you may not. Some of them actually loose it when it is time to give birth and some before. It just depends. She could loose it and you not know it. If her eating has slowed considerably, and the clawing at the blankets sounds like pre-labor behavior. A lot of cats loose their appetite before giving birth, and some eat normally. Also the clawing at the blankets sounds like nesting to me. Have you set up her birthing box yet?

Here is a really good link that was given to me when I thought my baby may have been pregnant, and was It really helps check it out: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80724
And this one spans further than labor and delivery
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