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Painting...it's going to my head!!!!!!!!!

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So, after a year of repairing the walls in my bathroom and removing 3 petrified layers of crusty nappy wallpaper (ack), I am finally painting my bathroom. I'm painting it a deep (almost Barney-like) purple color called "Passion Fruit."
See it here:

Pretty brave, huh?

I'm then going to replace the rotten linoleum floor, and have it ceramic tiled black and white checkerboard, and run the tile along the walls halfway too. It should look extremely funky. I'm getting a new black tub/shower unit once I get my tax return next year.

Anyway, I've reached my painting plateau for the day. I've been breathing in the fumes, and I do think it's starting to get to me. I feel tired, and sleepy. My nose is literally not working...and my ear is ringing. I need nappy. Starting to talk in incomplete sentences. Must stay awake...must...not...sleep. *thud*
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I have to get motivated to paint my kitchen-its going to be some sort of orangy color-I thought I narrowed it down-but then again......
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I love the purple!
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Love the purple! Oh it's fun to have such bold colours!
How are you feeling now? I came seriously close to fainting once while painting a small upstairs bathroom in a heat wave - not a good idea. Those fumes can be pretty powerful.
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I feel better. I have one wall left, then up by the ceiling. Then...coat #2. That's the thing about this dark of a color...it takes multiple coats to get the color even and the best coverage. More fumes, please!!!!!!!!
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I love colors. That purple you chose for your bathroom is nice! My husband is used to white walls from his family, and that is what he wanted all over our house, but that is so boring! I am talking him out of it. I just painted our kitchen green, and it turned out brighter than we thought. Now I want to paint our office some shade of orange. My mom just painted her guest room orange and it looks great.
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I'm going to paint the kitchen a nifty terra-cotta color, and the cabinet trim nifty sage green...kind of garden-esque, you know. I painted my living room a warm gold color, which goes nifty with my burnt orange couch!!! The living room needs a second coat though...I do see some lighter patches, and that really bugs me.

I'm doing the second coat of purple in my bathroom right now...it's really growing on me! But now I have to paint all of the trim a bright white, as it's kind of an off-white right now...ack!!! I do love color. I have virtually no fear of painting any room ANY color!!!!
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I love that color purple! If my bathrooms weren't so small I might paint one that color. Ewvery room in my house with the exception of the light yellow kitchen is some shade of blue. My bedroom is gorgeous though. Its dark bright blue (if that makes any sense). But the way the ceiling is in the front (kinda slanted by the dormal window) the white contrasts and looks awesome!!
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Wookie that is beautiful. I had almost the identical colour on 2 walls in our last house in the family room with wallpaper on the other 2 walls (I didn't put up the wallpaper and it was too much work for me to take it down at the time as it was a large room - 18.5 x 13.5). There was some of that purple colour in the wallpaper along with gold, turquoise and other assorted colours so the purple went beautifully with it. And yes, my husband called it our "Barney's room".

It really does look beautiful with pure white trim as well.
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One of my bathrooms is painted purple as well, but it's slightly lighter than the one you posted. I love the color you chose though, very brave indeed but I think it should look great with the other color choices. The black tub and the tile.

I love painting, but you're right, the fumes get to you after a while! Have fun and keep the windows open!
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