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Update on Kitty

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i said this in another post but i'm so bored that i think i'll repeat it. There isnt any change in Kitty except her milk came in last night so it should be any day now. i hope she doesnt have them while i am at flags.
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I gave up on looking for signs in Spots! I never saw any milk leak. I was only a bit surprised when I woke up and found the first one because I had been waiting for days for her to have them!
It was the first night that I had actually closed her in the room by herself. Maybe she just wanted to be left alone. She has been a great mom and has no problem with me handling the babies.
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yeah i think if she hasnt had them by tonight that i am going to put her in the big dog cage in my room that i set up for her. she through a fit about it last time.

glad to hear everything is well with spots
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