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Kittens in August

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In August, I shall be keeping my best friend's 2 kittens for a whole week. She is going camping and of course, she is afraid that her kittens might get lost so this is why she asked me to keep them.

These kittens will be 3 months old when I will have them. I must admit that I don't mind keeping them, on the contrary, I'm delighted as I simply love kittens. I even took the week off work to be at home all the time and have a constant eye on them. Therefore, I'm a bit worried all the same and I'd be grateful if anyone could give me recommendations and advices on how to act with kittens. I have had myself kittens at home but it was a long time ago (20 years ago) and I don't remember well what it means to have 3 months old kittens under one's roof. Do I always have to be behind them ?

I also have a female cat myself. I don't think there'll be any problem though. She is very fearful and might even hide from them. Maybe she will hiss at them but she's not a mean cat and I know she won't jump at them and harm them. She might even start to play with them after 2-3 days of stay.

It's also a good occasion for me to see if my cat would easily accept a new kitten under our roof (I would like to have a second cat one of these days. He would even give her company as she is sometimes bored)

Anyway, I would very much appreciate if I could have some clues on how to be a good "cat-sitter". Thanks in advance to all of you.

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Hi! I moved this thread to the behavior section, I hope that is okay with you, I just thought it belonged here, and you might get more responses to it here.
I don't have much advice on kittens, other than keeping an eye on them, and they love to play, so you will want to make sure you keep all your electrical cords out of reach, and things like that. Make sure you don't have any plants about that are poisenous, as kittens love to chew on things! Good luck!
I'm sure you will get some better advice than what I can give from some of the others here!
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Kitty proofing your home....

Get down on your hands and knees to their level and look around. What do you see that they could get into? Do you see electrical cords lying around? Do you see holes they could squeeze into and get into trouble, like behind the stove, or the heater, or the refrigerator? You want to just take your time and look and try to think like them because they will be all over your house playing.

You want to be sure your cords for your drapes and blinds are up out of the way. Kitties can strangle easily on these in play.

You want to be sure that all your screens in your windows are tightly in place so they can't get out. You might want to put some sort of barrier in front of the main door of your house so that the kittens have to work to get close to the door and you will be alerted and see them right away should they want to bolt outside.

For your electrical cords, the best thing to do is to place a board over them and weight it down somehow, or duct tape the cords to the board to keep them underneath the board.

You want to remove all breakables from your counters and shelves, and remove all the cleaning products to a safer place, or make sure the cupboard you keep them in is secure.

Have fun!
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