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Kitten pooping but not peeing in liter box

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We have a kitten that is 7 weeks old and we have had her for about a week. She poops just fine in the litter box without any prompts. But when it comes to peeing she seems to enjoy our bed.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.
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Welcome to TCS!

Clean the bed carefully with an enezyme cleaner, buy a feliway plug in and spray, and buy a second litter tray - some cats like one to pee and one to poo.

More importantly, at seven weeks she is still a baby and really too young to be away from her MomCat. Has she seen a vet?
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Our first vet appointment is on Monday.

Thanks for the info will try
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Hi there and welcome to TCS,
Just to add to Satai - one thing to consider is that some cats just don't like doing number 1's and number 2's in the same litter box. Maybe if you got 2 litter boxes, you might find that she'll use one to pee and one to poop.
(Might save your bed!)
Let me know how you go!
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I had exactly this problem. Nothing worked. My kitten peed on my bed twice a day or about 3 months. Believe me I tried EVERYTHING. I got so frustrated I was contemplating returning him to the breeder (which is totally against my beliefs). Luckily he came around. I suggest

- keep the kitten out of your room during the day.
- get a new duvet & duvet cover. Flip your matteress. If you can't afford this - take your duvet etc. to the drycleaners and get it bleached (this dosn't always work but it worked for me)
-Get a more fastidious feline companion. Such a young kitten may need a role model to teach it how to behave. Get an older kitten with better habits to teach your kitten the proper way to behave. A companion may also help to reduce the stress your kitten is going through and gives it something to focus its love on so its not as possessive over you. (which may also be why it is peeing on your bed)

These are the only things that worked for me. Honestly. Eventually the kitten forgets the habit - but it takes a while for this to happen. The best thing I did for my kitten was to give him a friend. About 80% of his behavioural problems vanished in a week.

Good luck. I know what your going through and it sucks so much
If you want to rant about it you can pm me! I will help you as much as I can!
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