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Milo got neutered today

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I went and picked up Milo from the vet today! The shelter dropped him off there this morning to get his shots and to get neutered, and I had a few questions. The vet tech told me that he would be very "drunk" tonight, and I of course expected him to be a little off, and tired. Is it normal for their "extra eyelid" (sorry, don't know the correct name for it) to show after being under anesthesia? Ever since we got home earlier, any time he wakes up both the white eyelids are showing. And when he is dozing or sleeping, his eyes aren't really closing all the way usually. Could that just be effects of the anesthesia that haven't worn off yet?

Also, he had ear mites, so the tech put medicine in for me before bringing him out to me. But I forgot to ask what to do about it now.....do I just let them be, or clean them out, or what? Because some of the drops and the dirt/ear mite stuff is sorta dripping out a bit on his fur and I didn't know whether to clean it or not.

Any advice?
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The prolapsed third eyelid (nictitating membrane) is more than likely a side effect of the meds that the vet used. It should go away by tomorrow definitely.

I wouldn't clean the ears out at all for now, you don't want to wipe the medication out.

Hope he feels better soon!!
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I don't have any advice - Harley seemed to be pretty decent after his neuter - but I just wanted to say that I hope Milo feels better soon
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Thanks to you both! I think his eyelids are slowly receding. He sorta goes in and out of phases of being really sleepy, but the more awake he gets the better his eyes look. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow!

Bless his heart, he's feeling good enough to explore just a little bit, and he follows me everywhere! But if he goes to a room I'm not in and realizes i didn't follow him, he starts meowing like hes lost. He's gone through a lot today, so I'm sure he will start to settle in soon.
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I would not worry, my cat Neko was neutered yesterday and his eyes were exactly as you described. Now, they are clearing up and he wants to play - I wish I could let him play
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I hope Milo feels better soon!! I think the 3rd eyelid thing will go away when all the meds wear off.
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He is doing ten times better today! He is like a normal, playful kitty now. I think he just needed a good night's sleep to let the meds wear off all the way. Thank you all so much for the thoughts, you all know how it is when you get a new kitten...worried about everything!
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