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Like all of your choices, I especially like Amber Nicole.
How about Amber Rose? I love that name too!!

I can relate to the pregnant in summer dilemma. My son was born Aug 30, 1996 and it was stifling during my last trimester!!!!!!!! I almost died from the heat, it was awful. My daughter was born in November of 1999, and although it was hot for me in that summer it wasn't nearly as bad since I was only a few months along.

Go swimming often!!!!
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I personally think Amber Skye has a beautiful ring to it! It makes me picture a beautiful sunset.
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The name dilemma hit me, too. Not twins but, We wanted a girl, the second time. The only name that we had picked out was "Amanda Marie".

In the delivery room, the doc said, "Its a boy." I looked at my (then) husband and said, "Oh, s&*#. What are we going to name him?"

Mark wound up with his father's first name and my maiden name (Thomas) for the middle.
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Hmmm what about:

Amber Faye
Amber Paige
Amber Caitlin
Amber Kay
Amber Beth

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Rhea, I love Kay! It's a middle name I plan on using when I have kids.
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I really like it too, though I don't think I'd use it as it reminds me of some girl at school who I didn't,...uh... "like" much.. :laughing:
I also like the name Caitlin.... but I like it as a first name But there are SOOO many names I like... I could go on forever!! (Lets hope I never DO have kids - they'd all get 6 names!! hahaha :LOL: )
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Same thing happened to me in the delivery room! First, they induced me because they wanted the baby to weigh approx. 8 1/2 pounds. I had difficulties with my first little guy and he weighed in at 9 lbs 10 oz. The doctor figured we wouldn't take chances again and wanted to aim for a smaller baby. So.......Nicolas (who was supposed to be named "Emily") came into this world weighing 10 lbs 7 oz. Double shocker. I ended up borrowing a baby name book and he went without a name for almost 24 hrs!
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Originially posted by Cindy
Deb, I don't know your last name but, watch the initials. Sometimes, they spell out something that will get the kid teased a lot.
My initials from my first name + maiden name + married name are kind of strange because they end up spelling out LSD.

Debby, you have so many good suggestions, good luck picking out a middle name!
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I like that one...
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