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Middle names

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I just wondered if anyone has any good ideas for a middle name for the baby. We are going with Amber for the first name, and here are 3 of the ideas we have so far...

Amber Danielle
Amber Breanne
Amber Nicole

We are leaning towards Amber Danielle but nothing is definate yet.
I liked Amber Dawn, but hubby doesn't, so anyone have any other ideas?
Lynn is out as well, and so is Leigh.
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Amber Marie
Amber De Anne (Did I spell that right? Meant DeeAnn)
Amber Michelle
Amber Leanne

That's a toughy… because it needs a matching 2 or 1 syllable sort of arrangement. Hmmmm...

Of course I start think of all of my friend's girl names like....

Penny Lane <---(My cousin's cool hippy name)

If my mom got involved in this...she would say
But I'm sure we all agree, those really stink! LOL!

I'll keep thinking...this sort of thing is so contageous!

>^••^< >)))))>

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I'm thinking maybe we should not get your mom involved in this! :LOL:

I love the name Kylee, but hubby hated it.

Thanks for the ideas, though!!! Keep thinking!

I just know that when I hear the right one, I will have no doubt! I like Danielle for the middle name, but yet, it just doesn't scream at me...you know, it just doesn't seem quite right. I don't know.
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Amber Marie is cute and I like Amber Breanne. I'm not very good at naming anything nor do I ever come up with good ideas but you have some very nice choices already listed.

You may have posted this a thousand times but I've never seen it, when is your due date?
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Jessica, they are saying now that it will be anywhere from the middle of July to the end of July.

Hopefully the middle, I am READY!! I am so tired of looking down and seeing this big belly, and I can't bend over very well, and I have to roll out of bed, we have a big 4 poster bed, that is really high up, and getting in and out is getting to be a problem... :LOL:

And while I'm complaining...:laughing: I also hate having to pee every half hour, and I can't eat a darn thing without my stomache getting upset, and she kicks so hard sometimes it hurts!
And did I mention the swollen feet and ankles??? Uggggh.

Thanks for letting me vent!
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I agree...the names you have are very cute.

oooooo look what I found.... a cool site, if you haven't found it already, that is!


According to babynames.com these name choices mean:
Amber - Means Precious Jewel
Brianne - Means Strong One

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Wow! Thanks for that link! I'm going to go check that out! Cool!!!!
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Amber Brooke

Amber Rae

........we could go nuts in there.....

I like the way that babyname.com tells you what the name means and shows the different ways to spell the names... You don't have a lot of time left..... I can't wait to hear your final choice..


OH and look at all of the baby smilies you can play with...LOL!

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That website is really cool! I added it to my favorites! They even have pet names there!!! And message boards, etc. I couldn't find a meaning for the name Danielle though, not sure why.

Amber Brooke would be good, except my step-daughters name is Brooke Amber, we kind of stole her middle name, but she didn't mind.

I really liked Amber Alexis, but hubby said it sounded too uppity...
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I like the 2 (Amber Breanne and Amber Nicole)
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I like Amber Nicole, as well. It has a nice sound to it.
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Amber Nicole is hubbies pick of the bunch. I like it too, but It just isn't quite what I want, I guess.
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Debby what are your and your hubby's middle names?
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Mine is Jean, and his is Robert.
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Amber Renee

Just thought it sounded cool. I can't imaging being pregnant during the hot weather. OK, I can't imagine being pregnant at all. I hope the last few weeks fly by for you.
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Personally, out of all your choices Debby, I like Amber Nicole the best. My best friend's name is Amber Raine. How about:

Amber Marie
Amber Renee
Amber Nicole (one of your choices )
Amber Lynn

Hopefully you'll find something you and hubby both like from everyone's suggestions.
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Deb, I don't know your last name but, watch the initials. Sometimes, they spell out something that will get the kid teased a lot.

I got lucky - My maiden-name intials were CAT and, now, they are CAR. I can live with those.

Being pregnant, in the heat is unconfortable. When I was pregnant, with Richard, I went swimming a lot. Good luck.
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I really like Amber Nicole. My middle name is Nicole, but it is spelled Nichole.
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I like Amber Danielle a lot, it's really beautiful! I hope you get to have your baby soon! Good luck Debby!
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Thanks for all the suggestions!!!
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Our family has always used middle names to tie in to the family: one of the parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or even the women's maiden names (maternal or fraternal grandmothers).

Good Luck!
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I thought about that, since it is my middle name, but hubby didn't like it at all. *sigh*
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Can you "mine" any of your other family members names (or middle names) for potentials?

And I haven't seen a rather simple suggestion, Ann. Breanne is nice, but if hubby thinks some names sound too "uppity," how about a simple Amber Ann? (Or Anne....)

Happy Hunting!
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I like Amber Nicole, it's my neice's name.
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I like Amber Renee...... Well, that could be because it's
my middle name is Renee, too... uh-hum

My mom had to come up with 2 sets of names (on the fly) when I was born. Back in 1967, the ultra sound either wasn't invented or didn't work. She thought she was having one child the entire 9 months—Instead, she had twins! Quickly, mom managed to sling a couple of names with matching initials together:

Kimberly Renee
Kenneth Russell

Well, that had absolutely nothing to do with Amber's middle name… sorry…got off track there for a second...

Back to Amber's name…

For the heck of it, I took a "Guy" vote. My husband and brother liked Amber Danielle ...

My brother wants me to throw this in:
My brother's daughter's name is Francis...we call her Frankie. He wanted her name to be Brittany , but our last name is Spears... So, that didn't fly :laughing: Frankie's Grandpa is thrilled...Why? His name is Frank. Luckily she looks and acts just like a Frankie!

Take a look...Does she look like "Francis" or "Frankie?"

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I'd say she looks like a Francis, because of the red hair. My mom's maternal grandfather was named Franczek (I believe, my genealogy is buried in my closet) but when he immigrated from Poland, it was changed to Francis. And he had red hair, so...
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Well, whatdoyaknow! We think that her red hair came from my (Fire engine red head) mother, whose mother (another Fire engine red head) was from Poland also...her maiden name was Gorski... Red Hair ......Poland.....very interesting.....

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This is so exciting. I love babies and children in general. My suggestions are:

Amber Grace

Amber Rose

Amber Denise
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Missy, that's a good one! Amber Rose does have a nice sound to it. It actually sound like a sophisticated actress name....hey, you just never know!

There's also:

Amber Ashley (the double vowel way....)

Amber Danielle is cute.

I'm kind of thinking Amber Rose just glides so well together.
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I like the Amber Rose idea too! I will have to run it by hubby tomorrow.

Kim....your brothers girl is ADORABLE!! I LOVE her hair! My best friend has red hair, and I have always loved it! She looks like a Francis, but Frankie is really cute, too!!!!
I'll bet your mother was in shcok when she had twins!!!! I was born just two years before you, and I don't think they did ultrasounds or amnio's then either. Mom was 46, and they had no way of testing to see if I had anything wrong with me, because of her age. The doctor tried to talk her out of having me, because the chances were so great for Down's syndrome.
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