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I am out of school currently and I want to go back. But with money issues I may not be able to go for another year. Enjoy your youth. I miss those carefree days! I miss gong out everyday and playing frm the minute I woke up to the minute I fell asleep. But I also like being an Adult, taking care of myself, having my own home and kitties and car and all of the stuff. too bad they don't give us the summers to be kids again! That would be purrfect!!
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Sometimes I get jealous of my fellow students... the ones who live on campus and don't have jobs or bills and their parents even pay for their cell phones... and they don't even have to pay for gas...
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I've had a year off from school for the first time in my life (great job though) but have to go back for my masters starting August 23rd plus still working fulltime. Thats to soon eek!
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I would kill to go back to school..

I'm considering getting my masters, but if so, I will have to work anyway. Growing up sucks!
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Originally Posted by kittyprincess
wow!!!!! school already?!?!?! Kids dont go back here until September 7th!!!
All those suckers have to go back on my birthday !

I love my german classes, its the only type of "school" i like!
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