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Baby pics

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Taken in early May.. Will post new ones shortly...
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Look at that face!
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awww he is so freakin cute!!!!!
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What a beautiful baby.
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Wow, what beautiful blue eyes kitty has!!!!
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That cat is gorgous!
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Oh my gosh I'm in love!
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I want one!
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ohhhh what a sweet fluff ball!!
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Awww! Look at the precious face!! The baby is begging to be cuddled!!
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oh my gosh she is soooo cute, I just want to cuddle her, don't you just love kittens. Is she a ragdoll?
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She looks a bit like a ragdoll, doesn't she?

She (or he?) is an absolute angel!
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Yes she is a blue bicolor Ragdoll. She is cuddled, kissed and spoiled on a regular basis. She is much bigger now, I posted a recent photo on the 'King and Queens' Thread.
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Oh good grief!.

Here, hand her over to me!!
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I love the way she is holding her little paw up. You could almost miss it looing at that beautiful face.
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Wow! She's just stunning! Now I'm going over to the Kings and Queens thread...
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