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Cat Hates My Mobile!!!

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hey all hows everyone purrrin?

neways why is it when i put my mobile phone next to my cat he goes all weird, i'll define weird.... basically he starts meowing etcc and this is even when the phone is in standby... he also starts trying to bite my hand (the hand with the phone in) also if its a fixed line phone he seems to want to get amourous with the reciever, im stumped ne ideas? he feel the radiation or summat? cheers
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I am moving this to the behaviour forum for you.
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Oh my goodness. Well my Ishies (whom I think is not quiet right to begin with). Acts in a bizar mannor to my cell phone as well. Any cell phone. She doesn't meow at it, but she feircly attacks it. As soon as it beeps or rings, she will just munch away at it trying to kill it, not just giving it a couple licks, even if its stopped ringing a long time ago, and I put it in front of her if she remmebers what it is, she will attack it again. My antenna is her own personal tooth pick.

It doesn't matter what ringer, or pitch i use, she hates them all. She will come storming across the room to find the source of that sound and attack it.
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hmm so this is a global thing nice to know its not just my cat.. i tried searching google to no avail so decided that next best thing to do is post at a dedicated cat forum
i dare not tell my younger brother since im sure he would enjoy playing with the cat and his mobile
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heheh yeah I thought it was kinda cute until I thought, "this could really do bad things for my reception."
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I read or heard somewhere that the reason why some cats chew telephone wires/electrical wires is because the wires emit tiny little sounds which mimic mouse sounds. We can't hear them but the kitties can. So maybe the mobile phones have a sound that attracts them?? Also, certain plastics contain a protein that is attractive to kitties. Maybe that's it. Dunno but I bet it's funny to watch
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Strange - my cat is just the opposite!! When I'm choosing a new ring for my mobile he will come running and try to get as close to it as possible. He's terribly curious about it but definitely not hostile!
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