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Hi guys! Just had to post that I am a little nervous tonight, and it is good to have your company here with me!

Today my hubby and I and the step-kids were supposed to go to his sisters house, which is about 70 miles away, for our late 4th of July celebration.
But I woke up this morning not feeling so good...my stomache was hurting, and I didn't think I could stand to go and sit outside in 90+ degree weather all day...so I opted to stay home and miss the fun.
I feel better now...but now I am desperatley hoping I don't go into labor (although it is still just a little early for that) because there is noone here to take me to the hospital.
Hubby and the kids left at 10:00 this morning, and won't be back until sometime tomorrow, they are spending the night up there.

So I am feeling very alone, and a little spooked. There are thunderstorm warnings out here, and it rained for quite awhile, but looks to have let up some now.

At least I have my furbabies to keep me company, so I am not totally alone! (and you guys of course!)

I napped alot today, so I will probably be up half the night now.
There's never anything good on TV on Saturday nights....except SNL, which isn't on till 10:30.

Well, that's all I wanted to say. Just felt good to talk to someone.
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Debby, I can kind of sympathize with you. I say kind of only because I've never been pregnant(thankfully) so I can only imagine that adding to your uneasiness. I have though been alone at night, watching a TV show like Unsolved mysteries and freaked myself out. Every little creak the house makes or every noise I think I hear comming from the outdoors makes my heart race. It's times like that I'm glad I own two big dogs that would gladly take a chunk out of an intruder or at least I think to think so.
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Jessica! I know what you mean!!! No scary movies for me tonight! And I too am glad I have my dogs outside, although two of them are smaller and not very scary looking, but I do have my German Shepherd, Sheena, who looks threatening, although she wouldn't know a stranger if they bit her on the butt...she is so friendly, but hopefully her looks would be enough to discourage someone from trying something. She is very big!
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I'm sure everything will be fine! There is nothing on tv tonight Do you get the Lifetime channel or Lifetime Movie network? There is a good show on Saturday nights, called Women Docs. It's basically about women doctors ...... it shows what their daily lives are like, some of their patients, etc...... kind of like that paramedic show. I like it, and now that I dont work, I can watch it! LMN has some good movies on usually.
When is your labor date?
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Tigger...I do get that channel...I will have to check that show out! Thanks for the tip! My due date is anywhere between the middle and the end of July now...they moved it up a bit, but not much. The baby is 6 lbs right now.
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In a few minutes, Zoya is going to be on LMN..... it's a Danielle Steele book..... she's a good writer, and her movies are usually really good.... Melissa Gilbert is in Zoya.
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I'll have to check that out when I go offline...thanks!
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Debby, when I was pregnant I was really uncomfortable in general during the last month. No two pregnancies are alike, but maybe the same thing is happening to you? Also, something really cool happened toward the end of my pregnancy. When the baby was moving around and pushing outward, my husband and I would put our hands against my stomach and actually feel the shape of the baby's hand, foot or leg pushing against us. My husband really got excited about this.
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Hey Debby, Driving Miss Daisy is on Lifetime as we speak. It is a good movie, always worth another view.
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Lorie....I can feel her foot alot...I think that is cool...I can literally see it pushing up on my belly. Hubby's not too into that, he just grunts when I say, Oh look at this!!! :LOL:

Deb....I loved that movie! Morgan Freeman is awesome! And so is Jessica Tandy...I believe that is her name. She was so good in "Fried Green Tomatoes" also.
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Thanks for keeping me company, everyone! I am going to go offline now, and watch some TV, and find something to eat.
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Have a nice night..... HOpe you find something good to watch..... I just made me some sphaghetti in a can, lol:tounge2:
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I hope you ended up having a pleasant evening last night. It is a VERY BAD IDEA to be at home with no ride when you could possibly go into labor! I got mad and ran everybody out of the house and went into labor 2 hours later. A friend happened by and I had to go to the hospital on the back of his Harley!
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OMG! I can't imagine going into labor and having to ride to the hospital on the back of a Harley! But it would be better than no ride at all!

I survived the night, and hubby got home at 1:00 this afternoon, so all is well.
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Now, that would be a sight to see......
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