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Preparing to Leave Cats and Go on Vacation...

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Hi Everyone,

Leaving in a few weeks and want to make sure my boys are OK. I'm going to find a neighbor to come in every few days to replace their water and food. But we're having a heatwave here in NY and I don't have A/C.

I'd just feel better that if G-d forbid something happens to the person taking care of them, that they'll be OK. Plus I always get a second person to check in on them, just in case.

I'm not sure if this is going to work because the past two times I went away for a few days, I left the shower and the sink on in the bathroom, and when I came home they were off--must be some kind of mechanism that shuts it off if it's running for a while,,,,,but:

Is there a type of water dispense that hooks up with a hose to the kitchen sink so that I can be secure that they are always getting water? Also something like that for food?

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How long will you be gone? Have you looked into getting a professional pet sitter?
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Any more than a weekend and I advise a pet sitter or kennel
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I haven't looked into pet sitting. I can ask around. Do they come to my home? I want someone I know I can trust to be there.
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Yes a pet sitter would likely come twice a day more if you arrange it that way.. they can bring in the mail the paperclean litter boxes play with the "kids" feed them at the right times ... Call your vet for recommendations...
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OK, Thank you. By the way, anyone know if there is a water bowl that hooks up to the sink?
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We are going on vacation in a few weeks and are facing the same dilema. We are leaving for four days. Fortunatly we live in a small town and the vets office is going to check up on them. My littlest abyssinian needs medication for his herpes/allergies. They will come in a give it to him. They will come in on the second day to give meds and check water and food. I still always feel so sad when I have to leave them, even for a well deserved vacation...
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bloob & valo - what about those dispensers for the cat's food & water. We have one of each, they weren't expensive and that way the cats have a plentiful supply of food and water. However, our boys have been known to knock over the water dispenser! I've left it in the tub before for this reason. Last time we left (only been gone a couple of nights since we got our cats) we left a couple of pots of water around the apartment too.
Pet sitters will come in and check everything's alright, clean the litter etc. That's what I do and I always look forward to meeting new kitties!
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Hi pushylady and abbycats!

Just got back into town (was away for a few days). Anyway, leaving in a few weeks for 13 days. Thanks for emphathizing, abbycats! Pushylady, what is the name of the food and water dispensers? Can you send me a link or website? Or name of store that carries it?

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Petsmart carries a five time feeder.///
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If going away longer than a few days, I use a professional pet sitter to visit my home and play with my kitties so I don't end up with lonely & distraught "psycho cats" upon my return. Works well. She even picks up my mail.

To find one, check with vets, pet stores, pet adoption agencies, yellow pages, etc. Just be sure to check their references before hiring them.

Ann Demi
"Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems"
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13 days is to long to leave them IMO alot can happen. I would look into a professional pet sitter, or a kennel, or even seeing if your vet allowed boarding. 13 days is a long time.
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I would also suggest a petsitter, both for the well-being of the cats and for your own peace of mind. has a searchable list of professional petsitters. I wouldn't leave the cats on their own in the heat--I worry when I leave the alone all day in 90+ degree weather. I do have a pet water fountain. There are different varieties, including one made for big dogs with a bigger reservoir of water.
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I would advise a petsitter too. You can also check at your vet's office. At my vet's, some of the techs petsit. They are very knowledgable.
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