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Just paint a big S on my forehead

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Just got a call from a gal who recently moved out to the country. Seems her neighbor has this beautiful tuxedo kitty he totally neglects- it is also an intact one year old male. The kitten got into a fight a month ago and was never taken to the vet! The abscess has formed and is quite large so the gal catnapped the poor boy and took it to her vet. The wound has been debreeded and the kitty needs a place to be safely stashed for 7-10 days while the wound is attended to. So guess who is going to help stash this poor kitty, while my friend searches for a better home for him. She is paying for all his vet care, food, medicine and the neutering once the kitty is stronger. I will probably put him out in barn while I tend to him or maybe in the bedroom depending on how sick he is.

He is here and he is not really a tuxedo, he has only one small spot of white under his tail. Poor kitty has a broken leg! He is caged right now, we splinted his leg and he will stay with in the cage till Monday when he goes to the vet.
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I wouldn't call you a sucker. I'd call you an angel
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I don't think you are a sucker, either, you have just got a great big kind heart, and that is a GOOD thing! That is so sweet of you to take care of this kitty for now, and also sweet of your friend to be taking care of the vet bills, etc. The kitty is in good hands now!!
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What a lucky kitty!
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You're not a sucker! What a wonderful thing to do, thanx for helping this cat!
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There will be a special place in Heaven for you!
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Hissy - I've only been on the cat site for a couple of weeks, but you've been so helpful. You seem to be everywhere, with great advice and support for everyone. I read the great fairy tale you started with the "word game", and I don't know how you do it - and find time for the cats! I have to say that "S" must stand for Superwoman. Obviously you love what you do, but it must be stressful and taxing. That "S" stands for sapped sometimes, which maybe makes you feel like a sucker. It must be frustrating - you can help the cats, but not their owners. You ARE an angel, and a SSSSSSSSuper one at that!
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Yikes I don't deserve that praise. I have done this type of thing for so long it becomes second nature to me. I have learned from so many teachers in my life about cats and rescue and I am only to glad to pass on what I know to others. That should be the way of it, sharing knowledge and stories so others can learn as well.

I have heard more stories about Beetle. His guardian angel called this morning and had talked last night to the oldest girl in the family. There are 5 kids and 2 adults at this farm. The gal was telling Mel that she sure hoped Cat had run away from home finally. Seems the younger kids delighted in shutting Cat up in the entertainment center for hours at a time if he jumped on a counter! Or, they simply stuffed him in a drawer and shut it, when he got noisy! Poor kitty!

After hearing this, I went into the bedroom and he was under the bed. We have a sleigh bed my hubby made so it sits high off the floor. I laid down and called to him and clicked my fingers and after a few moments he came right to me and bumped my chin. I just sat and talked with him quietly, told him he was in a really good place now and no one would hurt him ever again. He is such a mellow fellow and I know he has to be in such pain with that leg. When I hold him on my lap, I can feel his tremors in his rear leg but he has quietly learned to accept his fate. All this changes tomorrow when he goes to the vet to get it all made right again. I simply boggles my mind how some people can have such apathy towards an animal? The daughter was telling the guardian angel that even after he had been run over and his leg was dangling the kids were packing him around like a purse or piece of luggage!
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You know you had to do this once a catlover always a sucker for cats
at least you are getting some help with the bills! You probably have rescued several cats at your own expense. Catangel is your profession
thanks for cats everywhere don
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Beetle (is that his name?..... cute names ) is lucky to be with you, Hissy! I hope he makes a speedy recovery!
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Hissy - you definitely are an angel. Mark up one more kitty who has a better life in the future because of you, and your friend.
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Hissy, the "S" you were worried about to me stands for saint.
Because everytime I read about you taking in another cat and helping it find a better home, it makes me think of you as a saint.
I hope I didn't make you blush too much but it's true. I wish I had the space and time for every animal I found hurt or abandoned. But I can't do it. I have no space and with my schedule, it is so hectic that I wouldn't have the time to keep on a certain schedule with them feedings wise and such.
You are what I wish I could be Hissy, and like I said before, I am glad you do what you do...
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I agree with Jugen! All of the animals that you find and take in are so lucky to have someone like you!
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What flavour sucker - cherry, grape? I think Sweethear is the more appropriate term.
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Update on Beetle:

He will be staying at the vets for a few days. The vet believes the best option is instead of rebreaking the leg, to go in and chip away at the knob of bone the injury caused and reshape the leg. The wound will then be debreeded and kitty will be neutered and returned to me. I know a woman who has wanted 2 of my ferals for her barns so I called her and told her to come over this week and get them. This will make room for Beetle to come into our home and I think he should get the higher priority. Besides, he has really bonded to Mike and Mike asked me if we could keep him! LOL There will be a report filed by the vet because this type of animal neglect carries a big fine, though not enough in my book. But anyway, Beetle is in good hands and unless the films show the vet different, this is his plan for this wonderful kitty.
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Beetle will make a great addition to your home, Hissy! That's neat that your hubby wants to keep him! Post pics of him when you can! I'd like to see pics of him!
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Oh Hissy - poor little Beetle. I am so glad that you are the 'kitty angel' of Oregon! May God continue to bless your efforts ad your feline home. Thank you from all the fur balls at my house!
You and Mike too are a HERO!
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Hooray for Beetle! Mike has really become a kitty push-over, hasn't he? (Absolutely no insult intended - after all, we all are!) First the MacKenzie clan and now Beetle.

And I third what Barb said. If there isn't a patron saint of cats, you should be it!
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Go Hissy! I hope Beetle's former "owners" will get the punishment they deserve! I am also hoping that they never find out where that percious cat of theirs went.
I'm glad you took him in!
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Yeah Beetle! We can only hope and pray that there is some type of cosmic justice - both for the terrible family that abused him, and wonderful wings for the Sweetheart who saved the sweetie.
post #21 of 24 are my hero!

You and Mike have turned Beetle's nightmare into a sweet dream. I wish I could reach out and give you a huge hug for saving him.
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Hissy - you done good. You remind me of my friend Katey. She has two deaf Dalmatians, a blind mutt and a blind horse. A sign hangs on her front gate: "Shady Katey's House of Misfits." Katey, herself, has chronic fatigue syndrome. Good thing, she has ten acres and some help! Of course, Bill and I took one dog, off of her hands.
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Originally posted by Valenhb
And I third what Barb said. If there isn't a patron saint of cats, you should be it!
I agree with Barb too. What you and your husband are doing is so wonderful!!
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I agree!!! You guys are 's for taking this little guy in, and he is soooo lucky you have decided to keep him! He will never want for anything or be mistreated ever again!!!!

I too hope these people get what is coming to them for treating him this way!!!

Can't wait to see a picture of little Beetle!!

*HUGS* to you and Mike.
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