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*sigh* he knows i can't hold out

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first off, i love my kitty. absolutely to pieces. i cuddle him ALL the time. but sometimes, a girl wants to sit here at the computer and eat her breakfast and surf a bit without 17 lbs of furball on her lap-especially on a hot day.

Wonton does not care. he came and sat by my chair and gave me The Eyes. i reached down and scratched behind his ears, then threw his mousie to distract him. He wandered over and sniffed it, and came back and sat down and looked up at me like "well...are you going to let me up on your lap, or what?". so i ignore him and put some music on.

ten minutes later he hops up on my desk, proceeding to knock everything over, and stands there and looks at me like "PLEASE can i come on your lap?

needless to say, he won. he's now sitting on my lap, i cant hold my plate of food properly, and i have to have it set on the desk and take one careful bite at a time. Also, it's hot. i feel like i'm draped with a fur coat.

Wonton, however, is happy. and that's whats important, right?
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As long as you know that.

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oh i do, he'd never let me forget it
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Awwww, Wonton was just making sure you knew he loved you What a sweet kittty!
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Awwwwww.that is so cute!
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it is cute...and honestly i always remind myself not to take it for granted, cos i've never had a cat THIS affectionate, that lives to sit on my lap, that begs to be picked up when i come home, if i've been gone all day...His behaviour is more dog-like than cat-like. when he had the aggression issues over a freakout he had over a toy a few months ago, he didn't sit on my lap for two weeks, and i missed it so much so i love that he's a lapcat. but he's on my lap a lot! and like i said, when it's hot, and i'm trying to eat, a little alone time would be nice. he usually wins out though, and i let him up. if i don't, he sleeps at the foot of my chair like a dog, and i'm caught between thinking it's so sweet, and feeling like an ogre for not letting him up
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That sounds JUST like Minnie. She sits in my lap whether I like it or not!
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