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black light, how to use?

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I purchased a black light but not exactly sure how I should use it. Must it be dark in the room, and dark outside too, I guess? And then I am looking for white spots? Please tell.
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The room has to be dark and if you see a spot you will know it cause it will glow! That is where your need the cleaner! Have fun with the black light!
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Hmm Oki maybe a stupid question but.. is the black light for fun or for something to do with cats? I am cluessless

Tipper and Proffesorn's mum,
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It is to find urine on the carpeting or walls. It works well but a black light will light up EVERYTHING else too. Some cleaners, you will be shocked at how "dirty" your house is!!

I had fun with it. Then the next day I scrubbed everything down, cabinets and everything. Any oil sprays or perfume or air freshners, it will all show up. It is scary. But what you are looking for is large glowing splotches on the carpeting. Then that is where you soak with Natures Miracle or Nok-Out.
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are their limitations to what kinds of fabric it will glow back in? I went searching through our house one time to find stains and nothing would glow back! I even had a pair of shorts I knew my cat had pee'd on (they reeked) but I couldn't see a glow.

It did show a faint green spot on the wall where our rabbit sprayed, but I couldn't get any of the cat spots to glow (they were on clothes on the arm of our couch).

Did I get a defective black light?

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Look for the bright spot! When we used it on our carpet in the hallway we were amazed that light glowed everywhere - then we realized that was where we had removed wallpaper & likely were small spills everywhere
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It's pretty hard to see on bright colors or fabrics that also glow under blacklights. You can't really get a defective blacklight unless it doesn't turn on or is just a purple bulb. If it's a fluorescent style like all the ones I've seen, it's all good. Urine stains are usually a yellowish glow. Infact, most high protein liquids will glow under a blacklight.
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